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Sewing Courses in my Pop Up Shop in Heidelberg

My time in the Pop Up Shop has been quite successful so far.  I have had many visitors and sales.  People are pleased to have a fun shop like this in Heidelberg.  I am excited for the up coming 



Die Naehkoenigin

 is offering sewing courses at my Vintage Pop Up Shop in Heidelberg on select Mondays 

from 18:00-21:00.  

Ladies who knit

 are welcome to come and knit also!  

If you'd like to join in and sew a beginner piece visit her 


 to know what to bring and how to sign up!  

Depending on how many people sign up she may


have them every Monday in May so sign up and then stay in contact with


I look forward to seeing you there!  

P.S. Julia Sentman (Nähkönigin) showed her collection at the Sound & Fashion night with me.  A wonderful collection.  I want to make one of these collared poncho like shirts!  I love the look of it. 



Sound und Fashion #3.
 Here are some shots from our Vintage Sound and Fashion Night at Action House. I presented seven vintage looks,  five ladies and two men.  My models did a wonderful job presenting the outfits, we drank delicious classic cocktails and enjoyed my husband's jazz band Whiskey Mafia.   Julia showed her handmade clothes made from vintage patterns and inspired by vintage.  Luckily my talented friend Mulu took some photos as I enjoyed the show. 

And here are a few of Julia's summer looks.   

More photos in color tomorrow.....