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Art Investigation: Part 3: Drawing/Making
The next step I am taking, after brainstorming and researching, is drawing/sketching subject matter. Doing some studies of the subject matter.

There are really so many pretty things to draw when thinking about birds and nesting...

I may do some self portraits in my final work, who knows... I may fill my hair with a nest.

There is no pressure at this stage to have any solid ideas. Taking this time to collect some of the visual stimulus having to do with your theme. Studying some of the visual imagery or symbolism that you can play with, helps you to get to know the beauties and complexities of their being and their formal qualities, like their shape, and texture.

Most importantly this buys you a bit of time to just make a bit. Getting your hand moving and creating is one of the most important steps. These sketches and studies don't have to be strong, or finished works. They just let your mind and hand communicate a bit about the subject and potential symbolism.

Have you been taking any time to make recently?



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Why Guilt is Fruitless

For me guilt is far more nonproductive, than it is motivating. I struggle to bounce back after feeling
guilty about something. Especially when it comes to goals or creative things that I want to be doing.

I've been trying to encourage myself recently saying,
"No feeling guilty, Anna. You haven't been in the studio for a few weeks, no worries. Just go back in and do something."

Guilt is negative; it focuses on failing, rather than successes. Negativity is poisonous. Often the negative thoughts about myself or a situation are exaggerated and are lies. I'll think self-destructive thoughts like, "I'm lazy. I'm no good." Rather than the truth which is that, I haven't been making art because I've chosen to rest and hang out with friends the past few weeks instead. I easily slip into these negative thoughts about myself, which are destructive.

Feeling guilty substitutes favorable action.  Guilt gets me into a selfish/self-loathing mind set, which makes me want to escape it instead of overcome it. Frequently, instead of going back into the studio, I sit around and surf the web on my phone, just trying to avoid feeling bad. A more healthy response would be to actively pursue the good that I want to be doing. It's good to feel good. It's good to think positively about me. Guilt takes the place of positive action. I don't want to give it that power anymore.

How do you stay positive and disregard guilty thoughts and feelings?

Thanks for reading lovelies...


This summer I am hoping to take time to make, and to practice drawing. I have challenged myself, my students and now I am challenging you!

Draw this summer! Draw as many drawings as you can. I am hoping to draw 50 drawings. I am hoping to draw daily for at least 10 minutes. I will use real-life objects, people, books, whatever gets me to draw something!

I always struggle to come up with what to draw! 

So here are some ideas of things to draw:
  • toys
  • bicycles
  • cars
  • your animals
  • fish
  • whales
  • sharks
  • birds
  • insects
  • flowers
  • your friend
  • your parents
  • your relatives
  • eyes
  • mouths
  • your hands
  • your feet
  • your body
  • your bed
  • a chair
  • lamps
  • cups
  • bottles
  • glasses
  • plates
  • cutlery
  • food
  • vegetables
  • desserts
  • beverages
  • candy
  • landscapes
  • mountains
  • trees
  • cityscapes
  • streets
  • buildings
  • tools
  • house plants
  • what you are wearing
  • hats
  • dresses
  • pants
  • underwear
  • glasses
  • shoes
  • socks
  • sports
  • sports equipment
  • sports players
  • just a doodle
  • a book/comic book character
  • your name in a new bubble letter font
  • an emotion

Here is a link to download the handout that I gave my students...if you're a nerdy teacher like me, or if you would like to print this list out easily!

P.S. This other lady named Anna has some great intros to drawing on her youtube channel. Youtube is a great resource for learning new things!



What are you hoping to foster this summer?
Art Investigation: Part 2: Research

After I finished with the brainstorming part of the investigation, I then began researching about the topic.

As I mentioned in my last post in this series, I've decided on the idea of "nesting".  I am interested to find some connections between birds and human nesting behaviors.

SUBJECT MATTER: *I think, it's important, when making art, to think visually throughout the whole planning process. I made a list of subject matter associated with nesting; such as, birds, nests, inside spaces, nature, feathers, eggs, house hold items, etc...

MY APPROACH: Then I took a bit of time to think of what makes my approach to this topic unique and individual. "Having lived in multiple countries, I have struggled to identify my home. I have made my home here. In this flat and this is the place I belong. I am drawn to make a home/nest here. I belong here," this is some writing from my sketchbook.

RESEARCH: Having decided my point of view, I wanted to find some connections between humans and birds. So, naturally I began to research a bit about birds and their nesting patterns. I checked out some books about birds from the library, watched a few online documentaries about birds, etc.  I also collected a number of questions that interested me about the subject.

Did you know that male Bowerbirds build colorful little huts for the females to come and checkout

Did you know that Bowerbird males set up a color coordinated little hut for the female to check out, before she decides to mate with him. Haha. Isn't that just darling.

The research part is a really fun part for me!!!

Do you make art? What are your first steps before making art?



Art Investigation: Part 1: Brainstorming
I'm interested in being a little bit more intentional with the content of my art. So I've decided to share some of my steps and processes when working on making art.

Firstly, I spend some time to let myself brainstorm and realize what things I am moved by and passionate about. It's a bit jumbled and all encompassing, but that's the important thing about brainstorming. Everything can be included. I'm hoping to create some artwork about what moves me soon. So this is the first step.

After brainstorming, I picked one part that I felt most drawn to currently, NESTING 

One thing that really excites me these days is building a nest. I suppose it's much like the birds, now that it's spring. I am feeling the great desire and lust to create a beautiful space inside and outside of our home. I won't be laying eggs this year, but collecting, arranging, repairing and padding our little nest will be taking place.

Who knows what this will look like in my final pieces of artwork, but it's a fun place to start knowing what I'd like to investigate.

Do you make art? What are your first steps before making art?

Thanks for reading lovelies!