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We ran out of silverware, plates, glasses, and chairs. That is the sign that Thanksgiving was a grand success this year.  Two and a half Americans were present, which almost tripled our normal quota.  We had a super time.  By the end of the evening we all had filled up bellies and warm feelings inside. hehe

I had a fantastic evening.  Thanks to our neighbors, everyone ate with a fork.

I look forward to next year.

Did you celebrate thanksgiving?  How many folks do you normally have around the table? or tables?

Finally had thanksgiving!

We were one week late celebrating Thanksgiving last year, this year we were two weeks late.  If we keep this up it will one week before Christmas next year yikes...

Thankfully, I live in Germany and only had german guests over for Thanksgiving so they didn't mind that it wasn't the proper day.  We had a delightful time and we all shared things we are thankful for around the table as the tiny turkey was steaming (tiny German turkeys are the only kind that fit in tiny German ovens!)  
We had a wonderful evening with family and good friends.  It was a big mix and a lot of guests for our mini flat but it was absolutely steller!

Thanks for reading lovelies.

We finally had thanksgiving!!!!
Thanksgiving obviously is not heavily celebrated in this land.

We sent out invites and we had a select few over for dinner.  We only have so much room in our little flat.  Dominik prepared the turkey and the stuffing.  I made the apple pie.  Our friend Manu made some veggie dishes, and Anne and her roommate made a delicious salad. The others brought drinks.  and Oma who lives next door brought the mashed potatoes.!  It was a lovely celebration. Even though it was a week late!

This is our entry way littered with coats and shoes. They were even trailing into the bathroom which is to the upper left.  

I had to introduce the meal in Deutsch it was a bit schwer.  I referred to the turkey as the 
"Große Vogel" huge bird. because I couldn't remember the word for turkey.  It's good to be reminded that meat we eat is an animal. 

 It was great to have Oma Lore there. She was a really pleasant presence and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

We had a lovely evening and talked late into the night.  A few times I even forgot we were speaking german!  great news huh?