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Paris Flea
We went to the most stunning of places while we were in Paris!

It was a permanent flea market with beautiful antiques galore!  I was in a bit of vintage heaven! 

If you are in Paris, you must go on a search for this beautiful jewel. There are millions and millions of treasures just waiting for their new life!

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Our vacation....Part 2. My birthday.
The day I turned 25 was very lazy and wonderful.  It was a lot of driving, some vintage shopping and then spending the night in a castle.  

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  We were traveling from Munchen to Wuertzburg so we stopped for some cake, and vintage shopping on the way.  We stopped at a stunning shop called Flex.  It was super wonderful.  And really inspired me to open a shop in Heidelberg. 
In the evening we arrived at the castle our friend Dani lives in.  Dani is an Aupair for a noble family.  She takes care of the children and learns German most of her time.  We stayed for two nights in the castle.  I will show more photos of the interesting place tomorrow.  It is full of antiques and toys...  It is so charming and just very strange. 

I had a splendid birthday. 

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Shop Window: Lune
Today I wanted us to peek into the window of the lovely Lune Shop.

Lune is run by a beautiful lady by the name of Jill.  She runs a local shop in Winnipeg, Canada, an online shop at and a beautiful blog also.  Her style is bohemian, charming, and appreciative of ugly vintage! 

Here are a few shots of her local shop, which I would love to visit!

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oh man don't you want to visit?  I sure do.

here are some of my favorites in her online shop

I love this poncho!

The moral of the story is check this lovely lady out. She is super creative, driven, a lovely eye for vintage.  And she is having a baby, perhaps as we speak!

Thank you Jill for being so creative and sharing your work and love for vintage with us.

Thank you lovely readers for reading!  Happy friday!  Hurray for the weekend huh?