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New Years: Only Vintage Challenge.
So, I know it is way beyond the new year. However, back at the new year I wanted to do this buying vintage/handmade clothing only challenge.  I just didn't really want to commit to it.

I have bought two clothing items this year, two pairs of pants for myself.  They were teacher slacks from H&M.  I don't regret the purchase, but slacks were one of the things keeping me from committing to this challenge.  I had my eye out for a new pair since December. 


This year, starting in April,  I have decided to do the buying Only Vintage clothing challenge.   I know this seems outrageous but there are so many amazing vintage pieces out there that have already been produced and made that are just waiting to be worn.

Mass-Produced clothing is overtaking the clothes market.  I want to give handmade and vintage more of a chance in my wardrobe.

 I love handmade and vintage so. 

However I have allowed myself a few exceptions...
-undergarments (undies, tights, socks, brassier.)
-bathing suits (buying second hand bathers give me the "heebie geebies.")
-Styling items for my shop, shoes, or other contemporary staples.  

Is anyone interested in joining me?  I would love to have you along for the ride!!!
Or do you think I'm crazy?