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Shop Window: Heimathafen Wiesbaden

On our way to the Action House retreat, we stopped at Heimathafen in Wiesbaden. 

Heimathafen is a cafe/co-working space which has been open for a bit over a year. They have a great space and have done lovely things for start-ups in the Frankfurt area.

They have a cafe in the front with a lot of lovely organic treats, eats and coffee. As you venture further into the space there is a variety of different co-working spaces for people that want an office outside of the house and want to meet and work alongside other creatives. 

Action House, the creative collective I am involved with in Heidelberg, is planning to move to bigger rooms

It was nice to visit a wonderfully decorated Heimathafen, with the new space in mind. Action House is more hands-on and directed toward people who want to make time for creativity in their lives, as well as supporting creative start-ups.  It's similar to Heimathafen in that it is a versatile space and that we want to encourage the creative community where we are. Heimathafen also holds concerts and lectures in their spaces. To check out their upcoming events click here

Above is their long-term-co-working kitchen, the illustrated cupboards are great for finding what you need in a communal kitchen.

I hope you're as inspired as I was when seeing this space. 

I'm really glad that Heimathafen exists for people in Wiesbaden. 

I have really found my home at Action House

Are you part of the creative community where you live?