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for the sake of making it
There's this inner pressure as an "artist" to create fantastic artwork.  It is so intimidating.  I know that my students feel the need to create masterpieces every time they put pencil to paper.  My 11th and 12th graders can't even make mistakes in their sketchbooks.  Yikes.

To counter these feelings in me I have to make art for the sake of the process its self.  I need to just make.

I took about 45 minutes and made a few pieces that I am calling my German Vocab Series.

One of the hardest things about the German language are the genders of nouns.  They have no logical reasoning, so they have to memorized.  I have trouble memorizing things that don't logically make sense to me, so maybe if I paint them and spend 25 minutes meditating on a the words they will stick. ha. 

Well, as I've been saying the past few months, teaching art gives me lust to create it.  

I am blessed to have time to do it and I am thankful that I am making a bit more time for myself to create it.



P.S.  yes I may have been drinking a mid day hot cocktail while drawing and painting.

My Collage Box
 I have a box filled with paper treasures.  When I find things that catch my fancy I put them in this tin and I can come back to it when I am in the mood for collage or art journaling.

 There are some of my own photographs in it,
 some taken by other people or machines,
 some postcards from places I've been,
and many vintage clippings from books and magazines.

What are some of your favorite collage materials?  Maybe you use something I have never thought of!  I would love to hear... (especially you andy w.)