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OGA- Live Painting Video

Dominik and I are so excited about our upcoming creative year! He is releasing a calendar visual album of 12 new songs, 12 music videos, and I am painting 12 accompanying paintings. Take a look at his crowdfunding video for more info about it. I shot and thought up the idea for the video. hehe.

The other night I invited Dom's audience into my Chiang Mai studio for some live painting and I wanted to share that video with you. It's a little over half an hour but it gives an insight into the beginning of a painting of mine, as well as some commentary about my concepts.

Olive Green Anna, LIVE in her Chiang Mai studio!

I was super nervous to welcome the public in, and just to share this part of my process but why not. I'm sure it is fun to have an insight into this part of my process. I hope that you enjoy it. Please let me know if you'd like me to do a few more live videos!

Thanks for reading and watching lovelies.


Olive Green Anna



Greenhouse Art Studio Inspiration

We are here in Heidelberg all summer. It's been great to be back and to be working artists here in Germany again. It was wonderful to be on the road but being back here in the summer time is a real treat. Especially when it comes to studio time for me and music/band time for Dominik.

Our home in which we live has been sold to a new owner. Our home is not in very good shape but it is incredibly affordable rent and has so much space, it needs repairs left and right but we cannot complain at all. We are renting and we have recently been told that we are able to stay here for two more years. The sale of our home resulted in more space for us to use on our land. We are also able to use the shed behind our house however we like. This freedom has gotten our creative juices flowing about using this new to us space. So we are going to transform it into an indoor/outdoor art studio.

Here is the space before...yikes


Our former landlord left several things behind and this space has not been utilized well. It has been a place to dump a bunch of shit. Instead of the hoarder/trash vibes that the space is currently emitting.

Here are the new vibes we want to aim for:

-Green and overgrown but in a curated manner.

-black steel greenhouse feel by addng more transparent siding and paint the beams black. 

-Oh and add twinkle garden lights. 

*click images for sources.

We mostly just have to take a bunch of this trash to the recycling yard, update the walls, and paint the beams. That's about it. Then I can have a great atelier to work in outside in our greenhouse art studio.

What are your summer home improvement projects?