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Beat Basar: April 2013
Monday we packed up the car and drove much of my collection over to the Halle02 for Beat Basar.   It was the first Spring day we have had.  It was sunny and delightful.  

 Hilda looked great!

One thing that is not great about Beat Basar is that there isn't much for men there.  I made sure to bring many mens pieces so that the guys had something to browse too.

I loved selling there this time. I had a great spot and it just made me excited for my own opening my Pop-Up-Shop.  

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Beat Basar Summer 2012
Olive Green Vintage had a stand at Beat Basar last week.  My parents and husband helped me set up the stand.  It was fun to show my mama and papa one part I love about my business.  Dominik helped man the stand when I went to visit other sellers.

 I experimented with new ways to display items.  I was happy with my stand as a whole.  It turned out just fine.

 Below are two happy customers.  They both brought two of my favorite sweaters and just looked great in them!

 This lovely preggie lady below tried on this shirt but didn't end up buying it.  It looked fantastic on her so I needed to photograph her!

Selling locally just makes me excited to have a shop here in Heidelberg!  I plan to open it in Summer 2013.  But until then I will be selling at Beat Basar and hopefully a few other markets in the area!

Thanks for reading lovelies and thank you Halle 02 for putting on the event!

Olive Delights: 23.7.2012
Olive Delights is a weekly post here at Olive Green Anna where I share some of my most inspiring, delightful things from the last week.  It is a lovely time to collect inspiration and to share it with you.

This week it is a real life edition.  So many delightful things have been happening. 

1. My mama and papa are here in Germany to visit for two weeks.  We have been enjoying each other's company and having good quality times.

2. I visited the Gutenberg Museum and delighted in the history of printmaking.  (I studied printmaking in Uni, so it is one of my new favorite places.

3.  I spent a day in Frankfurt and visited a vintage and second hand shop called Epiphany.  She has a fantastic selection of styles to choose from.

4. The weather is finally a bit warmer.

5. I've been sewing up a storm.  Both for myself and shortening skirts for the shop.  It has been really good getting into the groove of sewing again.

6. I finished this dress that I made out of a shirt. I'll share more about it later!

7. I've been finding my husband incredibly attractive these days.  He makes a good model too.

8. We enjoyed the most delicious chocolate and Raspberry pie made by a good friend Maria.  We had a little house warming party, and Oh it was yummy!

9. Yesterday, I sold my vintage at Beat Bazar  I always love being there.  I told many a vintage fan about my shop plans for next summer!

10. It was fantastic to see happy customers trying on their new pieces.  Doesn't this sweater look great on her?  I love the cut outs.   I am so excited about opening a local shop in Heidelberg.  I think we really need it.

Thanks for reading lovelies.

I hope you have a great start to your new week.


Olive Green Anna live at Beat Basar

I am so excited to be selling at Beat Basar at the Halle 02 this Sunday.    The first time I sold there I shared a stand with Julia Sentman which was great.  I have sold there 3 times since last summer!!!   Every time is a great turn out an a fun crowd.

  I am super excited to sell locally again.

So if you're in Heidelberg, Germany. Come visit!  Mark your calenders and stop by!!!

It is on sunday the 22nd.  From 3-7.

Mark your calenders!
I will be selling at my own stand at Beat Basar this time. It will be on Sunday December 12, in Heidelberg, Germany at the Halle 02. 

The last two times I sold there I shared a booth with Action House, Julia the "NaehKoenigin" but this time I will be on my own.  I will surely miss their company but I think it will be better for them.  It got a bit confusing the last few times, because I was selling vintage and Julia was selling handmade and Action house is too cool to miss. 

So, if you are in Heidelberg come put it in your calenders!  There are amazing local creatives selling their work!  It is a great place to buy Christmas gifts also!!!