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52 Lists Project: List the things that make you feel peaceful
Moorea Seal, a friend of mine, published a lovely book of lists. 52 Lists, it's a year of weekly journaling inspiration. It's beautifully made and thoughtfully written. I've had the desire to journal a bit again and this feels like a manageable pace. One list a week. I can handle that. 

It's also very approachable, fun and revealing questions. Reading and writing in this book is helping me to be more mindful of who I am and aware of the world around me. 

This week's list is List # 42: List the things that make you feel peaceful
home, candles, warmth, quiet, reading, intentionally listening to music, water, soup, paint, pencils, writing, playing guitar, arting, walking, singing, dancing, bathing, drawing, sleeping. 

What would your, list of things that make you feel peaceful, have on it?