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How to Save Enough to Travel

When telling people we flew to Thailand for Spring Break, I can just see the wanderlust in their eyes. Germans usually are pretty good at traveling and taking vacation time. However, Americans are not!  

When living in America, people spoke about overseas travel as if it was a wonder that they would never experience. Honestly, it probably is for most Americans. If we're not getting a regular pay check, we go out every weekend, or we don’t budget for it, we won’t have the monetary resources to see new exotic places. 

Thailand is not new to me, but traveling there is a priority. Now, most Americans only get a few weeks off a year! These weeks are spent visiting family and friends. Family is very important to me too, but getting to see new places is something I also prioritise. As far as vacation days goes, I am fortunate enough to have a teaching job, which gives me weeks of breaks from work!! Yoo Hoo! 

I also am fortunate to have a decent paying job, and a husband who loves to travel.  

My husband and I both work part-time and do creative things on the side, making just over two thousand euros every month. Our expenses if we, don’t go out too often, buy few birthday and christmas gifts, and spend very little on clothing, comes out to about 1,200 Euros a month. That leaves 800 Euros for us to pay a bit of our loans off and when we are planning a trip to put up to 500 Euros a month away for that. 

    2,000 Income
  - 1,200 Expenses
       800 To pay off debt and/or save up!  

After four months we have enough for two plane tickets to a wonderful place. 

Do you want to travel anywhere anytime soon?

Now, you, may not be able to save up as much as us, or may be able to save up even more. Just do some calculations. If you want to make travel a priority it starts with your budget.  

Saving up to travel means being thrifty in other areas. Dominik and I don’t often go out to dinner, go out for drinks. I don’t buy new clothes, including jeans, bras, tops, shoes, until they have holes or fall apart. If you are willing to put your impulse spending to a stop, then I think you are ready to put your money where your dreams are! 

Thanks for reading lovelies! 


Do you want to travel? Where?