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It's time to think of others and share gifts. Action House, the creative collective I am a part of here in Heidelberg, is putting on a DIY Christmas Workshop this Friday evening. We'll drink some Gleuhwein (mulled wine) and make gifts together. I'm going to be leading some linoleum print christmas card making, at the #Weihnachtswerkstatt. There will be all kinds of DIY christmas gift ideas and time for making.

Lino Cut inspiration courtesy of The Home Press.

Are you making any handmade gifts this year?


Christmas Cheer
Christmas cheer keeps me from getting grumpy during the start of winter. I'm a big fan of Christmas tunes, cookies, decorations, and punch. It's nice to have a tree this year. I don't have many decorations for it, but the ones we do have look just lovely. 

Making our home nice and cozy makes this time endurable. I grew up in Thailand, and I think my body still thinks it's silly to live in such a cold place.

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. I'm trying to believe this.  The pillow was designed by Karli Ingersoll, it's a comfort to me in wintertime. 

 Are you getting cozy and festive at home yet?


Top 6 Christmas Records
Now that it's Christmas time, let's stay out of that winter funk and listen to some good christmas tunes. Here are my favourite 6 Christmas records.

1. Christmas Songs- Karli and Caroline   2. Handel's Messiah   3.Kenny G. Christmas   4. Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas  5. Sufjan Stevens: Songs for Christmas  6. Jackson 5:Ultimate Christmas Collection

What christmas records do you listen to?

Christmas Cheer to you!

Holiday Cheer
We have served this punch a few times this holiday season and our guests seem to really enjoy it.  It is sweet, spicy and sour, and great because designated drivers and young children can enjoy it without getting tipsy. (The alcohol is added upon serving).  It warms my belly during the holidays and fills me with glee, that's why I've named it Holiday Cheer!

 -1 litre apple juice
-half litre orange juice
-half litre pineapple juice
-the juice of 2 limes
-2 cinnamon sticks
-6 cloves
-1 tsp ginger powder
-1 jigger of white rum per mug of punch (Optional but highly recommended)

Serves 6

Mix ingredients (apart from the rum) in a large pot, let simmer on stove for 30 minutes before serving.

What have you been drinking lately?



 At this time of year I always think of my mama and how she used to rely on me to initiate decorating for the holidays.  Since I haven't lived at home in 9 years, she has written to me every year saying she wished I were home to help decorate for Christmas.  I'm waiting for her letter.  I suppose she hasn't yet decorated.

I took out our mini box of decorations and decorated our tree (actually a branch) last week.  I love the holiday season. It's super fun to be festive! 

Let the christmas carols ring!

Do you like christmas carols?  I feel like they are something you either love or hate!