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3 things I noticed about my closet: #3 says I practice what I preach
Sifting through my closet last week, really gave me a better understanding of my style and the state of my closet.

1. My favourite pieces are summer/spring items. Growing up in Thailand has really influenced my style and my wardrobe. I struggle to buy truly warm clothes, or pieces that only work in winter. I like being able to wear shoes, dresses, and pants that work in every season.  I have made it work using cardigans, and lots of wool socks, but I rarely have anything that is actually winter appropriate. Buying coats and boots is so foreign to me and I never think they suit me.

2. I need some new neutral clothing.  I have a lot of colourful pieces, which sometimes makes it difficult to make outfits, because combined they are easily too much! I may talk to my husband and see if we can adjust our budget a bit the next few months to get some subdued, neutral staples to mix with my great colourful vintage pieces.

3. Vintage is very prevalent in my wardrobe. Many of my go-to pieces are over 20 years old and still in great shape. These staples are colourful or white blouses, pencil/circle skies and summer shorts. I love wearing vintage. It often lasts much longer, even if it is washed 10s of times. Vintage items are often cheaper than quality new clothes and accessories. That's why my closet has become primarily second-hand. New items of good quality are very expensive. Often worth it, but our budget only has one pricy piece a year calculated into it (again, Dominik we need to chat).

Anyways the moral of the story is, I learned a lot about my style and my clothes and am inspired to curate my closet and really keep it filled with the pieces that I love. I was also delighted to see that my closet has a lot of vintage pieces in it and that I practice what I preach when it comes to vintage.

What pieces are staples in your closet?



P.S. Have you ever used WaNeLo (WantNeedLove), it's an online shopping hub to collect wishlists and keep track of products you love.