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Local Shop Window: Coffee Nerd

 I have recently happened upon a new local coffee shop called Coffee Nerd.  It is a great place to stop in for a coffee with friends and chat.  It is owned by a man named Thomas.  He makes the coffee to perfection. I have yet to have such a delicious latte in Germany.  The milk was steamed like I haven't seen since Zach Fairbanks, at Empyrean Coffee.  The name for his shop, Coffee Nerd, does describe him to a "T"!

If you want to sit around and surf the web, work or read a book go to Mildner's on Bergheimer! It is much better to spend long hours at.  But, if you want the best cup of coffee in town and a tasty baked good, stop by Coffee Nerd at Adenauerplatz.

Just so you know, none of the posts on my blog are sponsored.  I recommend places and businesses that I think are worthwhile to support and give a shout out to!

Have a goose day.