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Colliding In the Dark

It’s happened. We made it. In just over a week Dominik will be celebrating his 12 new songs, 12 new music videos, and I will be presenting all 12 paintings to his songs he released this year.

SO EXCITED for this event! Come and celebrate with me!

On the 20th of December we will be presenting all three aspects of the year-long art project. There will be a CONCERT, an EXHIBITION of the 12 large-scale works by me and a chance to view some of the 12 music videos I produced this year!

Don't miss out on this EVENT!

*Crowdfund supporters as well as collectors of my art get an automatic guest-list spot (free ticket), so please contact me if you have bought a work of mine and are interested in coming to the show.

More info about the event on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and watching lovelies and see you soon.


Bright Red Dot:

I'm thrilled but also somewhat hesitant to share my latest performance art piece. This piece is about the beautiful beginning of new life and having that growing being ripped away from you, destroyed. 

The song was written by my husband, Dominik Baer, featuring me singing, and in the music video performing a piece, painting to visualise our experience.  I'll write a bit more about it at a later date, but for now I would love for you just to take it in and share it with someone you think may be moved by it. 

Thanks for looking, listening and reading lovelies, 


Behind the Painting: Fall

I'm proud to present a little clip about my thoughts and process behind the painting I did for Dominik's song FALL. It's my first monochromatic painting since my printmaking days in Uni. 

Making work in response to Dominik's calendar album #collidinginthedark has been a challenge so far. Each song is completely different, which calls for different visual elements. This is my second piece for the album, I am excited and curious to see how the next 10 turn out.

thanks for reading and watching lovelies,