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Natural Shampoo- Boozy Locks
A friend from college has started her own soap/shampoo business called BoozyLocks. BoozyLocks is an all natural shampoo which some beer in it. I bought a bar from her online shop to try it out.  It smells lovely and has worked well in my hair.

And because I love supporting small creative business owners I decided I would write a post raving about her product!

It took a few washes/days for my hair to get used to the natural shampoo. The first wash with it, was strange. I lathered it up in my hands and then massaged it in. It didn't really foam and feel like a normal shampoo. I then rinsed it out. After the first wash my hair still felt greasy. I tied it up in a bun and tried the next day. I washed it again, and it still was different than it feels after other "normal"/un-natural shampoo.

Then, I didn't wash it for a few days, finally washed it again with BoozyLocks and it felt much cleaner, but much less dry than it usually does.

That first week was rough to get through but it was worth it!

Now, I wash it with shampoo twice/three times a week. It feels really healthy.

It's always nice to find new things that work for me.

Alrighty, that's the end of my rave about BoozyLocks!

I have very curly dry hair. We all have different hair, what works for me my not work for you. 

Have a lovely day!