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Art Investigation: Part 2: Research

After I finished with the brainstorming part of the investigation, I then began researching about the topic.

As I mentioned in my last post in this series, I've decided on the idea of "nesting".  I am interested to find some connections between birds and human nesting behaviors.

SUBJECT MATTER: *I think, it's important, when making art, to think visually throughout the whole planning process. I made a list of subject matter associated with nesting; such as, birds, nests, inside spaces, nature, feathers, eggs, house hold items, etc...

MY APPROACH: Then I took a bit of time to think of what makes my approach to this topic unique and individual. "Having lived in multiple countries, I have struggled to identify my home. I have made my home here. In this flat and this is the place I belong. I am drawn to make a home/nest here. I belong here," this is some writing from my sketchbook.

RESEARCH: Having decided my point of view, I wanted to find some connections between humans and birds. So, naturally I began to research a bit about birds and their nesting patterns. I checked out some books about birds from the library, watched a few online documentaries about birds, etc.  I also collected a number of questions that interested me about the subject.

Did you know that male Bowerbirds build colorful little huts for the females to come and checkout

Did you know that Bowerbird males set up a color coordinated little hut for the female to check out, before she decides to mate with him. Haha. Isn't that just darling.

The research part is a really fun part for me!!!

Do you make art? What are your first steps before making art?



Art Investigation: Part 1: Brainstorming
I'm interested in being a little bit more intentional with the content of my art. So I've decided to share some of my steps and processes when working on making art.

Firstly, I spend some time to let myself brainstorm and realize what things I am moved by and passionate about. It's a bit jumbled and all encompassing, but that's the important thing about brainstorming. Everything can be included. I'm hoping to create some artwork about what moves me soon. So this is the first step.

After brainstorming, I picked one part that I felt most drawn to currently, NESTING 

One thing that really excites me these days is building a nest. I suppose it's much like the birds, now that it's spring. I am feeling the great desire and lust to create a beautiful space inside and outside of our home. I won't be laying eggs this year, but collecting, arranging, repairing and padding our little nest will be taking place.

Who knows what this will look like in my final pieces of artwork, but it's a fun place to start knowing what I'd like to investigate.

Do you make art? What are your first steps before making art?

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Take Time to Make: Painting
It does me good to take time for myself and to set aside time to be creative.

 These two abstract paintings are my most recent completed work. I painted the two pieces as a diptych for some good friends who recently got married. The paintings are done with acrylic paint. They were painted without taping the circle off, it was done free hand which took time and concentration.

The handwriting on the one canvas is a collection of emotions that one feels in marriage. Some of my favourites include "alive, frisky, and bliss."

When showing my students my paintings, one mentioned that I must have been inspired by Mark Rothko. *A proud moment for an art teacher, when a student can mention an artist studied from the previous year.  Though I didn't notice this, there is a very good chance I was inspired by Mark Rothko, at least subconsciously. I've always admired the way he blended from one colour to the next in his huge paintings.

Thanks for taking a peek at my recent artistic explorations.

I'll share some more sketches, and other works in progress soon.



365 project
This year I am going to be doing a 365 project.  I will be taking an photograph/ instagram every day.  I am really delighted in the decision. Because it is something that I think I can achieve.  I tried a 365 project a few years ago and it really helped me to be creative for about 3 months.  And then I went a few days without doing it and I felt that I had failed.  This time if I miss a day I will just keep on going.

I know that Elise from A Beautiful Mess is do one this year.

Are you doing a 365? Have you ever tried?