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Art Goal 2: Take time to make / prioritize studio time

Over the past two years I have been able to have a consistent art practice, which has been such a wonderful development in my life. When I was working as an art teacher, a few years out of having studied art, I hadn’t really been making regularly. It has been wonderful to get into a studio routine and to take time making on a daily basis. This has helped to stay in the flow.

Staying in the flow is key for me. I am so happy with how I have progressed in this area and have been so prolific the past two years and I am taking this dedication with me. I am excited to see the same faithfulness and fruitfulness in my art practice in decades to come. Using art to understand myself and my experience as a human has been an amazing vehicle of discovery. I am becoming more and more immersed in my curiosity conceptually, with themes of control and wild, but also diving further into materials and techniques.

When working on this goal, I will keep the ‘why’ in mind.


Studio time is what is going to bring my artwork forward and make the art strong. A consistent studio practice is what makes a prolific and brilliant artist. I am also addicted to the studio and it keeps me sane and happy.

A positive effect this goal will have on me is that I will grow and develop as an artist, and I will make art that will bring beauty and insight to collectors. My mental health and balance are going to stay positive. I know that after a few days of not being in the studio I get a bit down…

I will will feel pride when making new and exciting work. Growing as an artist and a business is a very satisfying thing.

The #Powersheets goal planner has helped me to break down my bigger goal into smaller goals. This way I can see the smaller steps I can to take to make progress. My starting steps are to make a move and put these things into action.

My mini goals…

  • plan studio hours into my calendar

  • buy flowers for my studio regularly

  • get into the studio at least 5 days a week.

There are many things that can get in the way of studio time. Pretty much everything. Many wonderful things family, friends, Netflix, and some not so wonderful things like laundry and book-keeping, not to mention sickness, and general fatigue.

I have noticed this last year that spending 20 hours in the studio a week has made a huge difference in my art practice. I stay in the flow. I am able to keep making and moving because I am in the studio so often and working on a few pieces at once. I found that 6-8 hour days in the studio are good for me. If I go in to the studio to nest and work for 3 hours, take a break, and then return later for 3-4 hours. Those are my best studio days. My studio is a 5 minute bike ride from my home, so I am fortunate to be able to pop in and out for a few hours at a time.

When the newborn baby is here I will of course be taking as many weeks off as I need to recover and then my aim is to get back into a regular studio schedule. I will be hibernating in our bear den with our little baby and my recovering birth-goddess body.

Do you take time to make? Is creativity something that you want to prioritize this year?

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Art Goal 1: Rest + relax and treat myself

I know this may seem like a strange goal to consider an art goal. But is plays a big role into my art making practice. My first art related goal for 2019 is to be intentional about treating myself and giving myself time to rest. I will be focusing on this in the beginning of this year and I think that it is going to greatly impact my home and studio life.

When working on this goal, I will keep the ‘why’ in mind.


Our second son is arriving soon and I need to make sure to take time for me, to relax and rest. My body needs a lot of rest right now, in preparing for birth and a newborn. Just 4 weeks to go…

I will be a happier and more filled up mama, wife, friend and artist. I will have energy for my babies, husband, and art if I first take care of me. Taking time for me keeps me healthy and happy.

I will feel energized and lively, I will feel connected to how I am.

My Mini goals are to…

  • Write my morning pages and read a book in bed daily

  • take a shower daily

  • and paint my nails weekly

Julia Cameron from The Artist’s Way encourages a weekly artist date, where you take yourself out and treat your inner artist to something. This is something that I have grown to love! I usually start my 3 days of art making a week off with an artist date, taking me out for a coffee, reading an art book, or getting my nails done. I work well when I feel good. I feel good when I take care of myself.

Making original art takes a lot of energy emotional and physical. It also take a lot of concentration and time. If I go into the studio feeling empty and exhausted, I cannot expect me to make any art. I make the best work when I have been taking care of myself, I am in touch with who I am.

What’s a treat that you could indulge in to just give yourself some love this week?

Thanks for reading lovelies,


summer in the studio

My outdoor space to work is wonderfully wild. I love making so close to nature. It is super warm mid day in the summer, an amazing space to work in in the mornings and evenings. I was working in there this evening when it began to rain and I could hear the pitter patter of the drops above my head. 

At times the wind blows dirt into the wet paint on my canvas in process, or it pushes the liquidy paints around when I'm not looking. Nature is wild and I am happy to collaborate with her when I make art. A few weeks ago as you may have seen on my instagram stories, that I left a few paintings out in a storm, just to let go of control a little bit more and let the wild take over.

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Creative habits for the Effective Artist of the 21st Century
 Dominik and I were talking about what creative habits we want to foster in the next months and so we began to compile this list.

We plan on living by these and hope they are useful and inspiring to you!

  1. Never start before you are ready.
  2. Always aim for perfection
  3. Check facebook (real quick).
  4. If you are unsure how, don’t.
  5. Let your instincts guide you. Never plan it out.
  6. Make sure all your loved one’s needs and wants are met first.
  7. Nutrition is key. Only begin after cooking an elaborate healthy meal.
  8. Now wash the dishes.
  9. If the first attempt is a failure, it’s probably not worth your time and trouble.
  10. Share your process with others. Post a selfie on instagram before you start.
  11. Check the music/art store for new materials you might want to use for your next project.
  12. Be an expert. Watch as many tutorials on the subject as you can find.
  13. Spend adequate time comparing yourself to better artists. Be very conscious of your weaknesses.
  14. If you haven’t been in the studio for over a month - you are likely not a real artist.
  15. Sold records/artwork are the true measure of quality work.
  16. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Surround yourself with people that don’t understand or care for art. This will help keep you grounded.
If you're an artist, what are some creative habits you can share with us? 
Creativity: Morning Pages
I've started off every day the past two weeks with Morning Pages. It's a practice in which the first thing you do when you wake up is write a few pages down. There's no pressure and there should be no editing as you write. Julia Cameron started them I believe, they are meant to be stream of consciousness and longhand. I type them on my computer because I find that it's easier to write faster and more stream of consciousness if I am typing. The goal is 3 pages, I have been achieving two or three.

I've been hearing about #MorningPages in several different locations. I first heard about them on I think a RadioLab podcast, and then I recently read about them in Art Inc. a book by Lisa Congdon, another podcast called Art For Your Ear, by Danielle Krysa, mentioned them too. I was wondering why all these creative people were doing these Morning Pages and wanted to see for myself whether they were worthwhile.

Recluse #4, Anna Baer, 2015, 50X50cm, Acrylic on canvas, 
I am finding Morning Pages to be a great way to begin the day and let my thoughts be put down on paper. It's not great material that I am producing but it's making me realize a bit more what my thoughts are about things. At times they are complaints (I'm not a morning person!!!) or frustrations, sometimes they are lists of things I want to remember or forgot. At times, I get ideas for artworks and blog posts when writing, which is a fun by-product.

This pregnancy has brought out the desire to intentionally reflect again. It also has produced quite a few worries and anxieties in addition to all the joys and excitements, when one is with-child. I used to keep journals growing up, but I haven't kept a written one in sometime. It's a relief to write and write, knowing that I don't need to push publish or share my words with anyone unless I choose to expand on something.

Have you ever tried anything like morning pages?  Interested in trying it for the next two weeks with me?

Thanks for reading lovelies.


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