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Working away our debt.....
 I've spoken about our debt here on the blog a few times.  It is all "good debt."  But it is still a nightmare. I don't recommend it to anyone.  Anyhow....

As you can see I struggle with feeling like my debt is a hopeless endless struggle.  So, we made this hot air balloon which we have hung in our bedroom.  I see it every day and ever section of the air balloon counts for 1000$ of debt.  The plan is to color those spaces in whenever we make a payment on our loans.

 I am proud to say that just the other day we took out the water colors and colored some of those spots in. Meaning we are making progress.

Two and a half spots are filled!  Yoo Hoo!!!  That is hard work and it is paying off!!!

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What do you do to encourage your self with spending and paying back debt?


Creative times in critical times...
Last week I was feeling utterly hopeless about our debt situation and feeling like it was stifling our whole life.  We have made many recent decisions based on our debt.  I had been feeling trapped by them.   My lovely man, is a great inspiration and counsel when it comes to things like this. 

He suggested we make a thermometer type chart to represent our progress of paying off our loan.

So, we brainstormed and decided on a Hot Air Balloon.  (They have been a significant part of our relationship.)  We are hoping to pay off half of our debt (with interest) in two years.  We did some calculating and our hot air balloon includes all of our debt (with and without interest).  Every separate section of the hot air balloon is 1 thousand euros (you do the math). Yikes.

So, there you have it.  It hangs in our entry way.  Our hot air balloon is just waiting to be filled in with beautiful color as we slowly pay off our debt.


What do you do to encourage your self with goals like these?  Finacial, or other life goals.
Total Money Makeover

This Holiday season I have had the opportunity to read Dave Ramsey’s book “Total Money Makeover” and have been very moved to make a huge dent on my student loan Debt this coming year.  Mandi and I chatted about this when we met in Canton, OH a few weeks ago.  

It is pretty amazing how okay we americans are with debt.  We have come to find it the means to get what we want before we have the money to get it.   

My debt has been hanging over my head these past two years and I am ready to make some serious progress getting rid of it!  You all will be the witnesses!  I hope to be debt free or almost debt free in two years! 

I am very impressed by Ramsey’s first few Baby Steps...

My husband who is German read them and said they are common sense.  It is true, for Germans.  I haven’t met a german person who is in debt, since I moved to Germany.  They don’t even consider it, they save up for what they want to buy, and when they have it, they can pay for it.  I was shocked by this book but if you are German, or one who doesn’t use loans and credit cards, you won’t have to read this. 

If you are sick of your debt too.  Anna writes a great blog which encourages people trying to get rid of their debt!

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Do any of you have any good resources or support resources when it comes to budgeting and paying off debt?