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New Tunes: Dominik Baer
I can't help but share my husband's new tunes with you! I'm very proud. I play in the band with him, as you can see in the video below, but my husband wrote and arranged all the music. He also does all the promotion, books all our gigs and leads the whole project. I'm so very proud!

The title track of the EP "On Our Own," is my favorite!

Isn't he handsome!

If you'd like to download the EP for free, click here!

Keep checking back at, because he will be releasing our other videos one by one, over the next few months.

Thanks for reading and listening lovelies.



Cover and CD Design by Olive Green Anna
Video/Art Direction by Afghan Chili
Olive Delights: On Tour with Dominik.

My husband just released a new record and we went on a wicked one week tour around Germany playing his new tunes.  It was a grand ole time.  I am one of the singers in the band and I play tambourine for a few of the tracks. 

I wanted to share a few of the highlights of our trip. 

1. Being on the road.  (The American in me just was stoked to be driving new places for so long...)

2. Playing for wonderful audiences...

3. Going to the Zoo in Stuttgart.   I love gibbons.  They remind me of Thailand.

4. Shooting a video on a giant mound of rubble.

5. A splendid camp fire.

6. Sunny skies!

7. Run down buildings in the old East Germany.

8. Playing in such varying locations.

9. Having good quality time as a band.  (My lazy eye really shoes in this photo.)

10. Asking a new stranger every night to take photos with my camera.  

11. Delicious beverages.

12. Some good times with family.

Thanks for reading lovelies!  It is nice to have internet again and to be back to personal blogging.

My husband's new record
My husband has been in the studio for one year working on this new record.  We just listened to the whole thing through last weekend!  The record is amazing, filled with beautiful detail.  Each song is incredibly unique and intricately composed.  You can download a free track from it on his website!

We are received the physical CDs this week.  Then we will be heading off for a Germany tour for one week!  Here are our show dates...

31.3 - Paderborn 
1.4 -  Halle 
3.4 -  Berlin 
4.4 -  Scheppach (Heilbronn)
5.4.-  Backnang 
7.4. - Korntal (Stuttgart)
The official album release party is in Heidelberg on the 15th of April, at Karlstorbahnhof.  Bischler will be opening for us. Which we are thrilled about.

 I am so proud of Dominik.  He has worked so hard and has created some really beautiful work.

If you are living far away you can buy the record here and we will send it to you within the next two weeks...

Thank you for reading.


A wonderful arrival!
 We received a package today and could not be more thrilled about the contents!!!

They are Dominik's new record!  The album art was designed by Karli Ingersoll.  Her work looks wonderful.  We both just marveled over it for a long time and then popped it in and have been enjoying the tunes!

 As you can see Dominik is pumped!!!

There are enough for everyone to have one!

For all of your far off friends.  Dominik and I will be sending a bunch of records your way soon.  Just follow the link and pay with paypal and one will be send within the next two weeks.

Thanks for reading.

Wonderful photos Of ZeltFestival (Tent Festival)

Zeltfestival 27 Juni 2011, a set by photoforrest on Flickr.

A friend named Forest Briggs just loaded a splendid set of photos from our show on Monday.   Dominik's band played, and I happen to be in it.  It was one of our funnest shows we have had this year! 

To Check out more of Forrest's photos check out his Flickr. Here.

Thanks for reading lovelies. 

Happy Weekend!