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Goodbye Empyrean... see you in heaven
[ em-pir-ee-uhn]
the highest heaven, supposed by the ancients to contain the pure element of fire.
the visible heavens; the firmament.

3. one of my favorite places on earth

4. This place gave me a home, a job, a roomate, life-long bosom buddies, a place to dance, a place to play shows, a place to hang and sell my art.  Oh my the list could go on and on.

The first time I went to empyrean was fall 2006.  I was with a friend and we drank some bad ass tea there.  We were on a quest to find the best carrot cake in all of Spokane on a series of coffee shop ventures..  I don't remember how the carrot cake was but the tea was amazing and I new I wanted to come back...

Here is a Polaroid from that day.  I loved the windows and the brick.  It was a lovely space. 

I'm not sure whether Chrisy and Michelle Riddle were owners at that time but they weren't a pair of my bestest friends yet.  

In the spring we returned and it became the place I would run away from Whitworth University to be in town and read and write, and day dream.  I took several of my friends there because I loved it so.

the first show I saw at Empyrean was Glenn Kotche (Wilco's drummer,)  in 2007 here is a Youtube video if you want a taste.  Very special expressive stuff.  I was intrigued and inspired.   But mostly from that night I remembered good beers on tap.  I went with a friend Scott Ellis to this show.  He's a good man. 

I was part of a small group that was at empyrean at 7am thursdays.  It was a lovely group, and I met some amazing folks through this group.  Karli Fairbanks, Matt Bogue.  

It was great to meet so early before the shop even opened because then I could stay later and hang out, drinking coffee and doing miscellaneous delightful activities downtown before taking the bus back up north.

I sold my first piece of art at empyrean...It was a monotype print called long distance.  I felt like I could make work that people identified with.  lovely feeling... 

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I showed my work there numerous times.

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I played there often. I bet at least 50% of my songs were first performed there.  I've played my own tunes and accompanying other great musicians, Sarah Moyer, Karli Fairbanks, Dane Ueland, The Pall... It was a wonderful place to play.  Intimate and comfortable. 

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Saw countless beautiful artists


horse feathers
 Zach Graham
 josh headland
hannah reader

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 Our band Power Und Beauty was born in Empyrean.  Michelle made us unicorn pins, and we stole many shows across the northwest.  If I might say so my self. 

you can get our album for free at  

Mostly I made so many wonderful friends in that place.  It was a real community and it brought the strangest and most delightful people in through those doors.

My bachelorette party that Empyrean threw me a few days before my departure!!!

Well I have to end this post because it has taken 3 hours of my life and I have sufficiently grieved and am ready to move on.  almost...
oh I love you Empyrean.