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Continuing My Ethical Clothing Journey pt. 1
I began my ethical clothing journey, without even knowing about the terrible factory conditions and environmental pollution garment production can cause.

I bought second-hand because it was cheap, unique and often better quality than new garments at my price point. I thought, there are so many great pieces of clothing and accessories that already exist, why need to buy only new items. I have had a love for vintage for years and I opened a vintage shop because I found so many splendid pieces and wanted others to own them.

Recently I've been moved to research further into fair and ethical clothing. In order to even begin acting on it, I've needed to learn more about the subject. There are horrifying numbers and stories of garment makers working conditions and the millions of gallons of clean water is being polluted by toxins, the stories go on and on.

I began by reading a bit about my favorite local brands like Vera Moda and Mango are doing about it. Which isn't much,(H&M at least have a conscious line of clothes.)

Then, I ordered Greta Eagan's book Wear No Evil. It's a great resource published last year about the situation. It gives a break down of which ethical issues are presented when garments are made, and finally a great list of companies/brands that are making a stand in some of the regards.

My top concerns are...
  • fair-wages for garment makers
  • garments are made with natural materials / organic when possible
  • company transparency 

I'm overwhelmed with the topic and I can't help but talk about it.

I don't want you to feel guilty and I don't want to feel guilty. I just want to be more conscious with my purchases and really buy things that I love and that will last.

Thanks for reading.

Do you have any thoughts or resources about where to start in a ethical fashion journey?