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Pesky Persistence
I'm a reader now, I have been for about 5 years. I recently read this great chart called The Life of a Project from Austin Kleon's book Steal Like an Artist. It depicts the life of a creative project perfectly. I identified with it so much! I have to share it. I often get stuck in the "This is gonna take some time" phase. Then, at times, I get bored.

I have a million projects going. Making my own clothes, beauty products, creating artworks, blogging, vintage vending and writing a book. I love the initial phase of a project. Great ideas, learning all kinds of new things. But sticking to any of it is tough.

What do you do to carry on with motivation in a project?


Continuing My Ethical Clothing Journey pt. 1
I began my ethical clothing journey, without even knowing about the terrible factory conditions and environmental pollution garment production can cause.

I bought second-hand because it was cheap, unique and often better quality than new garments at my price point. I thought, there are so many great pieces of clothing and accessories that already exist, why need to buy only new items. I have had a love for vintage for years and I opened a vintage shop because I found so many splendid pieces and wanted others to own them.

Recently I've been moved to research further into fair and ethical clothing. In order to even begin acting on it, I've needed to learn more about the subject. There are horrifying numbers and stories of garment makers working conditions and the millions of gallons of clean water is being polluted by toxins, the stories go on and on.

I began by reading a bit about my favorite local brands like Vera Moda and Mango are doing about it. Which isn't much,(H&M at least have a conscious line of clothes.)

Then, I ordered Greta Eagan's book Wear No Evil. It's a great resource published last year about the situation. It gives a break down of which ethical issues are presented when garments are made, and finally a great list of companies/brands that are making a stand in some of the regards.

My top concerns are...
  • fair-wages for garment makers
  • garments are made with natural materials / organic when possible
  • company transparency 

I'm overwhelmed with the topic and I can't help but talk about it.

I don't want you to feel guilty and I don't want to feel guilty. I just want to be more conscious with my purchases and really buy things that I love and that will last.

Thanks for reading.

Do you have any thoughts or resources about where to start in a ethical fashion journey?


3 things I noticed about my closet: #3 says I practice what I preach
Sifting through my closet last week, really gave me a better understanding of my style and the state of my closet.

1. My favourite pieces are summer/spring items. Growing up in Thailand has really influenced my style and my wardrobe. I struggle to buy truly warm clothes, or pieces that only work in winter. I like being able to wear shoes, dresses, and pants that work in every season.  I have made it work using cardigans, and lots of wool socks, but I rarely have anything that is actually winter appropriate. Buying coats and boots is so foreign to me and I never think they suit me.

2. I need some new neutral clothing.  I have a lot of colourful pieces, which sometimes makes it difficult to make outfits, because combined they are easily too much! I may talk to my husband and see if we can adjust our budget a bit the next few months to get some subdued, neutral staples to mix with my great colourful vintage pieces.

3. Vintage is very prevalent in my wardrobe. Many of my go-to pieces are over 20 years old and still in great shape. These staples are colourful or white blouses, pencil/circle skies and summer shorts. I love wearing vintage. It often lasts much longer, even if it is washed 10s of times. Vintage items are often cheaper than quality new clothes and accessories. That's why my closet has become primarily second-hand. New items of good quality are very expensive. Often worth it, but our budget only has one pricy piece a year calculated into it (again, Dominik we need to chat).

Anyways the moral of the story is, I learned a lot about my style and my clothes and am inspired to curate my closet and really keep it filled with the pieces that I love. I was also delighted to see that my closet has a lot of vintage pieces in it and that I practice what I preach when it comes to vintage.

What pieces are staples in your closet?



P.S. Have you ever used WaNeLo (WantNeedLove), it's an online shopping hub to collect wishlists and keep track of products you love.

Fashion Show: Anne Gorke
When traveling to Berlin, I was most excited about Anne Gorke's fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Her collection was called Artichoke.  Here are a few impressions of it.  

The green in her collection is very much like my favorite color!  :) 

This coat is a great cut, and I am a big fan of her styling.  The braids and the footwear were a nice match for the clothes.

After the show we had the pleasure of attending the party at a design firm in Berlin Mitte.  We could look at the collection up close and it was just wonderful.  Such great material and color palette.  The materials Anne used were lush and lovely to touch.

  It was great to have a chance to chat with Ms. Gorke and her friends and acquaintances.  You could really tell that her partner and friends were very involved and a great support to Anne.

 Naturally as a snack the caterers served artichokes.

Thank you Anne Gorke for creating and presenting such an inspiring and admirable collection. And thank you for the invitation to the show and the after party.



P.S.  I'm just waiting until the collection is being produced then I'm going to save up and buy a piece so I can have a Gorke.