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Instagram Flash Art Sale
These pieces are selling fast. Head over to Instagram to see which works are still available. It's really fun to see them flying out of my studio. I am also honored to have people starting their original art collections with my artwork. It's fun to pack up these pieces and getting them ready to ship off to their homes where they will be delighted in.

Have you checked our my other works on sale? All will be posted by the end of the week.

Thanks for reading lovelies, and thank you to those of you who have bought my work and helped finance further artwork.


Flash Art Sale
Hello lovelies,

In honor of being home and in order to raise some money for large scale art materials I am having a flash art 50% off sale over on my instagram so head over and follow @OliveGreenAnna along.

I have 26 small scale paintings from just before and during our travels that will be on sale starting Monday May 8th. They will be 50% off of their normal price! They normally cost 50€ a piece, but for the month of May they will be 25€,shipping included. So if you've been thinking of starting an art collection why not begin with an original Anna Baer. They are all connected and are inspired by this idea of control and lack of control. I have loved working in this small size of 15X20cms (6X8 inches) but I am ready to move on to bigger things.

While in Bilbao at the end of the trip we had one last museum visit at the Guggenheim to see the current Abstract Expressionism exhibition, and my goosenest it was such a highlight. Abstract Expressionism is my favorite art movement and it really moved me to see so many huge beautiful works live. I am super inspired to work large scale.

I've always had a strong desire to work on huge paintings. This last october I made a few that were 1X1meter and they seemed large, but I want to try pieces twice as big and more. Ever since seeing many giant modern works in person at MOMA in New York in 2014 I have been dying to work large but haven't really been able to justify it. But the time has come! This summer! Now I just need the finances for it.

So please head over to my Instagram to browse through the pieces and comment quickly to buy a piece. Payment is available via Paypal.

Here's how the flashsale works:
-It will start on Monday morning
-The first person to comment with their paypal email address gets it
-Prices Include Shipping
-I will invoice you on Paypal
-I will ship the work when I receive payment

Thanks for your support lovelies!