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5 Must Eat Thai Treats

Most everyone knows that Thai food is splendidly delicious.  But next time you go out to eat it, cook it yourself, or visit Chiang Mai (Thailand), be sure to try out a lot of things to find what you like!  Below are a few of my most favourite treats. 

Moo Satay (pork satay)
This is pretty self explanatory but the peanut sauce that comes with it, is to die for!!!

Kao Soi (curried egg noodle soup)
It is a delicious meal which is a northern Thai specialty, but it is usually pretty spicy for the western tongue. If you don't like spicy food, you may not want to order Kao Soi. 

Kway Teow (rice noodle chicken soup)
This is my #1  favourite dish! It's not complicated or super tasty, but it is a comfort food. Who dosen't love chicken noodle soup. One of the great things about many thai dishes, is that you can spice them however you like. Using vinegar, sugar, fish sauce, and chilli, you can make your own combination of taste depending on your preferences. 

Thai Ice Cream Sandwiches (coconut ice-cream in wonder bread)
These are one of the weirdest and most wonderful thai specialties. They are such a refreshing snack on a hot day. Again, you can customise them, adding peanuts, sweet sticky rice, jelly, condensed milk or "chocolate sauce". Or a combination of them all. 

Roti (fried greasy pancake with sweet and condensed milk!)
These are by no means good for folks with high cholesterol. However, the occasional doey, thin, fluffy, pancake cooked swimming in oil, lathered in sweet and condensed milk and sugar does every soul good. 

Mango and Sticky Rice (coconut milk sweet sticky rice with fresh ripe mango)
Do not miss this! Even try making it at home if you have to!

Guava Juice
This is just one of the many exotic salty fruit juices you can enjoy in Thailand. Try them all to see which is your favourite. 

Fruit Shakes (Watermelon Lime)
Like many tropical countries there is such an amazing plethora of fruits available. Many restaurants provide a variety of fruit shakes. You can also ask for them to make strange combinations, like watermelon lime which is one of my favourites. 

Now it's your turn. 

What are your favourite thai dishes, snacks, or drinks?



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"Yogsicles!"= Yogurt Popsicles

We bought a fridge along with our new flat and it has a freezer.  I have been living freezerless for two years and one of the main things I was looking forward to about having a freezer again was making homemade popsicles...

The hardest part about making them is waiting.

 Though it has been mostly chilly in these parts, these Yogsicles do make it feel like summer is around the corner!

Do you make your own popsicles?  What are you favorite flavors?


Day 5 -Hamburg- Hatari

I went to the most wonderful "Jaeger" (hunter) house restaurant while I was in Hamburg.  It had a lovely simple southern German menu, with a bustling, cozy atmosphere. 

Eating alone on vacation was a bit of a strange time at the start.   I ate out a whole lot and it was strange to always be saying "a table for one,"  and "No, I am not waiting for anyone else" etc...  And even the eating part was a bit unsettling becasue of the lack of conversation.  However with some time and confidence it became easier to enjoy meals on my own.  By day 5 I was a pro.

I sat in Hatari for over 3 hours reading my book, eavesdropping, eating a wonderful "Flammkuchen", drinking white wine spritzers, and enjoying my own company.   Being alone takes some time getting used to but it ends up being a lovely time indeed. 

If you are ever in Hamburg be sure to visit Hatari! (the servers are very accepting and non-judgemental) haha. 


Have you eaten alone at a restaurant in a while?  How to you feel when you eat out alone? 
Thai Kitchen, Recipe-
The husband and I cook this dish at least once a week.  It has the basic thai essentails in it. 

One of my friends Amy asked me to share it.  It really is amazing.  The strange things in it like Oyster sauce can be found at Asian markets, or maybe some wickedly cultural supermarkets...Having all the sauces at hand is really worth it to experiment in our tiny, sometimes thai, kitchen. 

We are headed to Freiburg for a concert this evening.  I am playing my second show in Germany.  Pretty exciting.

Well thank you all for reading.