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Metropolink 2018

It’s been one of my dreams to paint murals. And in 2018 I had the pleasure of painting two murals. One in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the artist residency MaiSpace that I attended, and the second was at Metropolink Urban Art Festival here in Heidelberg Germany in the summer. I love painting large scale paintings on canvas, so I was so excited to bring my painting to walls. Metropolink has been a wonderful addition to Heidelberg, bringing beautiful art to the public all around town.

I love the large scale, the challenge. Translating my style and technique into vertical and large work is a fun and rewarding undertaking. I love making work of different sizes (scales). Usually I begin paintings with them lying horizontally on the floor, using very fluid paints and water, but I had to adjust my style to work on vertical walls.


In 2018, Metropolink took over one street in a former US army barracks here in Heidelberg. The homes have been abandoned for 5 years and have become overgrown and we artists occupied the street and brought it to life for a week of art and music. I was asked to paint the interior of an officer’s garage.


Metropolink recently published this catalogue of the last two years of festivals. It is avaiable locally at several cafes in heidelberg and it can be purchased by contacting The zine is a large A3 size with full page spreads of artist portraits and photographs of the murals that were painted. A beautiful portrait of me was taken in the catalogue. You can see all my wrinkles and freckles, it was taken on one of the hottest days of the year but it captured me really well.

This coming year’s Metropolink Urban Art Festival goes from Jul 5 - Jul 21.

Mark your calendars. It will be another wonderful year!

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Anna (Olive Green Anna)

Heidelberg: Metropolink Urban Art Festival

This past weekend kicked off Metropolink Urban Art Festival here in Heidelberg. Several large scale and small scale works are popping up in public spaces all over the city until July 19th, 2017. It's such a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and creativity around!

I saw their first ever installation/sculpture to be featured in the festival. It's bright and lively, and located directly in the city center at Bismarkplatz.

I am planning on attending a few wall openings throughout the festival and am honored to be contributing my own piece as part of the festival.

I have been assigned an electric box on Bergheimerstrasse to paint. I will be out painting it on July 18th. It is near house #34.

I am hoping to communicate a sense of calm and quiet to passers by. I don't quite know what I will paint yet but I am really looking forward to making some street art again.

The only way I have been participating in the Urban Art Scene in Heidelberg so far has been by doing a pop up mobile art exhibition in our van. But I'll save that for another post.


The last time I did "street art", was an illegal photography exhibition, when I lived in Washington State (9 years ago). It's going to be a challenge and so fun to make some more public art. This time as part of the urban art festival.

There is a wall piece opening by Sweetuno and Form 76 on July 1st right after our Frohmarkt (creative market), so if you're in the mood for seeing BIG art and celebrating creativity even more this comming saturday, I'm sure it will be a great gathering.

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Frohmarkt: Action House

I'm so happy to announce that I am part of the planning team putting on another Frohmarkt here in Heidelberg on the 1st of July at Action House on Bergheimerstrasse 80. On that saturday we will be open from 11am-7pm.

It's a market of handmade and curated goods from local makers.

Last time we hosted this event over 700 people showed up. Let's hope it's hopping and energetic again this year! Come by and celebrate the beginning of summer and your local creative community.

To get updates about the event and sellers connect on facebook, or follow ActionHouse on Instagram


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Frohmarkt: June 14th 2015

SO 14. June 11:00 am

Action House Frohmarkt is happening for the second time. This time it's all about spring and early summer. There will be plants, vintage clothing, designer jewelry, and healthy and delicious snacks. Additionally, there will be live music, a few workshops, and maybe even a couple of local chickens. 

If you are interested in selling something at this green market please write an email to You are welcome to sell plants, fashion or other handmade things. 

Registration deadline:
June 3, 2015
Price : 8 , - / m and a delicious cake
June 14, 2015
11-16 clock


S0  14. Juni 11:00 Uhr

Der Frohmarkt geht in die zweite Runde. Diesmal ganz im Zeichen des Frühlings.
Es gibt Pflanzen, Vintagemode, Designerschmuck und gesunde Snacks. Dazu live Musik und ein Workshop-Programm (u.A. auch Kinderkunst) und zwei echte Hennen.
bitte per Mail an, bitte Kategorie angeben (Pflanzen, Mode oder Handgearbeitetes). Du hast den Stand fest, sobald wir dir Rückmeldung geben.

3. Juni 2015
Preis: 8,-/m und einen leckeren Kuchen für den Barverkauf.
14. Juni 2015
11-16 Uhr

I'd love to see you therer!!


Local Shop Window: Friedrich

There aren't many local fair, sustainable clothing/accessory options in Heidelberg, Germany. Friedrich is one of them. One half of the location is stocked with women's clothing and accessories and the other side of the space is a bar/cafe. 
The shop section has some great ethically made brands and in the back are a few racks of second hand clothing. They have a nice curated selection of mostly casual/ business casual clothing. The clothes are between 50 and 150 Euros which is quite good considering the brands are transparent about their production and more sustainable than many fast fashion brands. They have a good variety of nice basic pieces, as well as some statement items. Being in the shop puts me at ease because, I just know that every brand there is trying to change the way fashion is produced in our world today. 

This photo is from Friedrich's Facebook page. All other photos by me.

The Cafe/Bar space is warm and designy. They have a limited menu, but it has all the essentials and a nice white wine. Staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. It's a great place to go and chat with friends. You can actually hear each other in this bar (two thumbs up from this lady)!

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