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a little get away.
As I mentioned yesterday dominik and I had a lovely weekend exploring Paris!

One of the best parts about it was that my man sported a Mustache the whole weekend to add some extra flair to our time together.

I think that we  will try to do more weekends like this together.  It is a wonderful thing to have intentional quality time together.  Time to explore new things and discover new places with each other is something we really enjoy as a couple. 

We have recently been attending a marriage seminar at our church.  It has been helpful to think and learn about who we are as a couple and to do things to keep our person as a couple healthy and communicating.  Going for weekends just the two of us will definitely be added to the list of things to do to keep our friendship and lovership happy and growing.

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What kind of things do you like to do with friends (lovers) to have quality time with them? 

Date Times: in the forest.

Weekly dates with my husband are my favorite part of the week.  

We also have been trying to have more active dates rather than just a movie night at home.

This date was wonderful, the hubs cooked a delicious meal we ate on the balcony, while listening to Horse Feathers, and we went for a walk though the forest.

It was a real treat.

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where we do our cooking.
Our kitchen is in our one room flat.  Luckily the toilet has it's own 4meter square space. 

I decided to post photos of our kitchen because it is beautiful.  We do a lot of cooking.  Sometimes from scratch, other times from boxes...  It's a delight to have someone to cook with and for.  We eat a lot of garlic and onions.  So you must just imagine how we always smell, the delicious odor of onions permeates through every one of our belongings.  Lingering in our clothes closets, little hints of last nights dinner in our comforters... It's the wonderful thing about living all of home life in one room.  Haha.  This is actually the only thing that is a bit of a bother in our tiny space.

Here is our kitchen before we began working on it....


We thought that these jars were great. They are from Ikea.  We needed more storage for food and they were pretty so we decided to use the space above the cupboards as pretty storage.  Dominik grinds fresh coffee every morning for us.. I sure hope this lasts the rest of life. 

We are deplaying some of our beautiful mugs, and making our daily ones more accessible. 
The tin ones are from thailand, they are wonderful for cold drinks.  They get really cold to your touch which makes the beverage double refreshing in summer. 



Well this is the first section of our before and after of our flat.  It is wonderful to live in such a warm space and to have the wedding gift money to make a lovely little home!