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Creative habits for the Effective Artist of the 21st Century
 Dominik and I were talking about what creative habits we want to foster in the next months and so we began to compile this list.

We plan on living by these and hope they are useful and inspiring to you!

  1. Never start before you are ready.
  2. Always aim for perfection
  3. Check facebook (real quick).
  4. If you are unsure how, don’t.
  5. Let your instincts guide you. Never plan it out.
  6. Make sure all your loved one’s needs and wants are met first.
  7. Nutrition is key. Only begin after cooking an elaborate healthy meal.
  8. Now wash the dishes.
  9. If the first attempt is a failure, it’s probably not worth your time and trouble.
  10. Share your process with others. Post a selfie on instagram before you start.
  11. Check the music/art store for new materials you might want to use for your next project.
  12. Be an expert. Watch as many tutorials on the subject as you can find.
  13. Spend adequate time comparing yourself to better artists. Be very conscious of your weaknesses.
  14. If you haven’t been in the studio for over a month - you are likely not a real artist.
  15. Sold records/artwork are the true measure of quality work.
  16. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Surround yourself with people that don’t understand or care for art. This will help keep you grounded.
If you're an artist, what are some creative habits you can share with us? 
Sammlerin (Collector)
I've been on a bit of a vinyl record hunt lately, collecting my favourite albums. In Chicago, Wicker Park, I bought Joanna Newsom's Y's record. It's super lovely.  Joanna Newsom is one of the ballsyiest singers I know. She has a wild voice, wonderful melodies, and tells such fantastical stories in her tunes.

If you could just listen to one record for the rest of your life what would it be?
(You won't have to listen to it continuously... Just, it would be the only one you could listen to...)

I'd love to hear, who you love to listen to...


Enjoy this little live video of us playing a show last week!  It turned out cute.

Dominik is a great songwriter!  He has been writing a lot of new tunes these days which is fun to hear. He is a good man and a fun person to live life with.


The Joys of Music
Last weekend, Dominik and I had the pleasure of playing a spontaneous show opening for V.O at Action House.  I was already going to be there to sell my vintage clothing and so they asked us to open. We were pleased to play. 

Tomorrow, I'll share a little video of us singing.  It is funny to see ones self playing a concert.  V.O is a great band from Belguim.  They play psychedelic tunes that bring you to another land far far away, you should check them out!

Cheers lovelies,


 To listen to more of Dominik's tunes visit his website...