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Behind the Painting: Fall

I'm proud to present a little clip about my thoughts and process behind the painting I did for Dominik's song FALL. It's my first monochromatic painting since my printmaking days in Uni. 

Making work in response to Dominik's calendar album #collidinginthedark has been a challenge so far. Each song is completely different, which calls for different visual elements. This is my second piece for the album, I am excited and curious to see how the next 10 turn out.

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Finding Calm
These works that I have on sale on Instagram are all about control and lack of control. They are about trying to find calm in times when you feel as if you are out of control. My aim is to find and communicate quiet in spite of the busy and chaotic world and thoughts around and inside me.

My hope is for my work to breath calm into the viewer. To remind us that we can take time for those things we love and need. To find a quiet reservoir so that we can face the noise with calm.

How do you find quiet and calm in your day to day life?

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New Artwork

Artist Residency, Berlin Artist Studio, AnnaBaer
my studio space at Berlin Art Institute
When telling Dominik (my husby) about this opportunity to go to an artist residency, he, at first, was hesitant, because it wasn't cheap...and I would be away from him for a month. The same reasons I was quite hesitant about it. But then after just a nights sleep he was pretty sure I should do it. He even insisted that I attend. It would be such a great opportunity and I am so very pleased I have taken it. 

I am at the end of my second week here and I could not be more grateful for my time so far. I am away from all distractions, I'm in the young art capital of Germany, and am surrounded by other wonderful creatives. I have nothing I have to do except grow this little baby in my belly and make art. How wonderful is my life! 
I have been working in several mediums, painting, photography, and collage. I am making some things that I am really loving. My new artwork is communicating where my mind is and what I've been noticing about my thinking lately. Since becoming pregnant by life and this baby's life have been both in and out of my control.

At the beginning of the pregnancy my life felt totally out of control. I was feeling terribly, I feared a miscarriage, I was told by my doctor that I couldn't work at school for the duration of the pregnancy! What? I didn't feel like it was me or my life I was living. Totally out of control. When things are out of my control I have to kind of re-find my footing and try to live in this balance of chaos and control. I needed to make the most of this time of pivot and change in my life. And as an artist it's only natural that these thoughts and experiences manifest themselves in my artwork.

I’m curious about finding calm and contentment in the places we are and the places we want to be, in times we can take charge and times we have to let go. In these tiny mini paintings,  I hope to bring you into a tiny tranquil, restful space as I share my investigation into control and freedom.
Tiny round painting mixed media collage artist contemporary

Tiny round painting mixed media collage artist contemporary

The second series that I am pleased with is a diptych of photographs I took which follow in this idea of control and letting go of control. As mentioned above, this was really emphasized when I became pregnant. I felt a total lack of control over my body and the baby's health, but there is a beauty in this surrender of control.

This work is a stand alone piece or part of a diptych in my quiet series. In these photographs I take a posture of peaceful surrender to the task of carrying a child.        

photograph, photography, portrait, portraiture, quiet, woman, women, calm, selfportrait, figurative, maternal, minimalism

photograph, photography, portrait, portraiture, quiet, woman, women, calm, selfportrait, figurative, maternal, minimalism

photograph, photography, portrait, portraiture, quiet, woman, women, calm, selfportrait, figurative, maternal, minimalism

It's a bit scary to put myself out there this much. Especially my artwork, I am self-conscious and struggle to be content with the work I produce. But I am finally creating consistently and making meaningful work and it feels so good!!! 

Do you find that my work communicates my intentions? I'd love to hear your feedback. 

Thanks for reading lovelies!

for the sake of making it
There's this inner pressure as an "artist" to create fantastic artwork.  It is so intimidating.  I know that my students feel the need to create masterpieces every time they put pencil to paper.  My 11th and 12th graders can't even make mistakes in their sketchbooks.  Yikes.

To counter these feelings in me I have to make art for the sake of the process its self.  I need to just make.

I took about 45 minutes and made a few pieces that I am calling my German Vocab Series.

One of the hardest things about the German language are the genders of nouns.  They have no logical reasoning, so they have to memorized.  I have trouble memorizing things that don't logically make sense to me, so maybe if I paint them and spend 25 minutes meditating on a the words they will stick. ha. 

Well, as I've been saying the past few months, teaching art gives me lust to create it.  

I am blessed to have time to do it and I am thankful that I am making a bit more time for myself to create it.



P.S.  yes I may have been drinking a mid day hot cocktail while drawing and painting.