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I totally understand why parents decide to stay home with their kids. I knew in theory that taking care of your own babies is great, but I honestly couldn't quite believe it. Before I had my baby, I was always so happy to return a baby back to their parents, and go home without a child. This is because it was not my child. At times it is hard to be at home with Vigo (my child), but this love that parents talk about is real. As a non-parent, I was sceptical about whether it really was great to raise kids. But honesly it is great and I get why parents are a bit crazy about their children. 

I am staying home and playing with Vigo as my priority 3 days a week. In these days I love on him and talk to him as my main job. Then whenever he is sleeping or he is content to play on his own (which he can handle for -5 minutes now! Woo Hoo!), I can get something done, like my morning pages, wash the dishes or take a shower. The dishes and mail can wait. I can do the laundry while babbling at him about the nice clothes he has or brushing the fresh towel over his face as he blinks and smiles. I can even take sold artworks to the post office on a walk with him.  You may be thinking, well just wait until they are running around or you have two. I know. 

But right now, I am loving, loving on Vigo and he has changed my life and priorities. He has interrupted my life so much and I am so happy that he has.

What an amazing job. To be home and be present with my child. That is all I have to do. The rest, Domink and I have agreed can happen if and when we have time throughout the day. Or when we really want to and the dirt is bothering us. Dinner is not even expected. That can be a joint effort. I love living this natural, creative and collaborative lifestyle.

On the road when we were splitting all the duties and were both always responsible for Vigo's needs. We were providing for him, but not really with him, we gave him 50% of our attention often times. It doesn't feel good. I know we all have to do this sometimes, just to get things done. But with this sharing of "Vigo Days" we can give him 100% of our attention much more of the time because he is our main focus. This baby is the luckiest! He gets childcare from either one of his parents. He gets our full attention frequently throughout the day and we all love it.

The only way we can keep this lifestyle up is by getting a bit of parental leave money (about 500€ a month), and making money selling art and playing music. We also have been trying to skim down our expences to the bare minimum. We're going to be skimping and saving here and there for these two years away from our day jobs. We are finally out of debt so we can earn less if we need to, but with art sales and music gigs and sales we are going to get through!

Thanks for reading lovelies.


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