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Best Flea-Market find this weekend-
I didn't find it.  My wonderful husband did.  He doesn't normally go thrifting or flea-marketing with me, but yesterday, luckily he came with.

 We parked out bikes and headed in to the beautiful treasure hunt!

We found a wonderful Accordion for a reasonable price and the sound is very lovely.  Neither of us can play it.  Yet!  I messed around on it yesterday for a bit, and am excited to possibly play it for a few songs in his band.  He has been playing it most of this morning.  He is a natural. We played a few tunes him on accordion and me on Ukulele.  They work quite well together haha.  

Accordion has a special place in my heart.  Not only because it is played in spanish, Gypsy, and polka music but because I used to be in a band thats main instrument was accordion.

you can hear our lovely tunes here.  We were called "Power Und Beauty" and goosenest was it lovely. 

Or download out EP for free here.  

We are no longer in existence but it was a beautiful time in my life.

So, I am excited to have more accordion in my life today.

Thanks a bunch for reading.