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This Last Week: Getting Shit Done

A bit of a change in life and I can focus and really spend my time doing what feels good. 

I am proud of my accomplishments this last week! Dominik was away on an extended field trip with students and I lived the single life. I missed him a lot, and I love life with him much more, don't get me wrong. But, I guess it helps to get stuff done when you have a week more or less to yourself. When reflecting back on it, I began counting the hours and seeing why I felt really good about how I spent my time last week.

Out of the 168 hours in a week, last week I clocked (give or take a few hours):
- 6 working on my online vintage shop
- 53 sleeping
- 9 eating
- 3 planning for my business and events
- 1.5 driving
- 4 reading
- 6 watching "Friends"
- 32 working at school
- 1 talking on the phone
- 15 making art
- 15 hanging out with friends
- 2,5 cleaning the house
- 7 working in the garden
- 2 shopping for groceries and plants
- 3 blogging
- 6 surfing the web
- 4 cooking
- 0 quality time with my husband : (

Finallly working in the garden. 

Keeping house.

Hanging out with my little friend Theo. 

Screen-printing with my students.

Painting still-lives in the art class I am taking, and not teaching!

Are you really doing the things you want to be doing? Or just going through the motions?