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Shop Update: Cute Blouses Gazore.
Oh, I've been finding such charming shirts and blouses these days.

Small Pink Elastic Waist Blouse

Miranda July stripey collared top. 

Two Tone Teal Viscose Blouse

Medium 80s Polka Dot Shirt

It feels really good as a business owner to have a shop that is filled with really gorgeous quality pieces.

I have been receiving a lot of encouraging feedback about my curating and I really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Indie Business: Behind the scenes
 A lot of what I do when working on the shop apart from buying is, photo shoots, editing photos, measuring, and listing items.  Running an online store is pretty time intensive.

 Listing items takes a whole lot of time and it is actually one of my least favorite things about owning an Online Vintage Shop.  But it makes it all worth it when I get a comment like this one from a customer who bought in august:

 "Wow, has this ever been used? It looks brand new! Great quality and exactly as described, I love it! Thank you so much :)" 

Thanks for reading lovelies!


My little vintage studio
One of the main reasons for moving out was to have more space for my shop and a studio.

 I finally have room to hang and see my vintage pieces that need to be photographed and sold.

It has been a real pleasure beginning to set it up and work out some of the details for the new space.  I am so grateful to have the means to have space to create and have a functioning vintage shop.  Now ,I just need some time to photograph and get some new items listed.

Do you have a space dedicated to creating? 

Beat Basar- Summer 2011
Heidelberg's Halle held a lovely Creative Market called Beat Basar.  Olive Green Anna and Naekoenigin had a stand together.  It was a wonderful time.

It was fun to show the shop items to local people and for them to respond so warmly and to purchase so many of my hand picked pieces.  It felt so good.

There was such a creative buzz about the room.  The DJ was pumping good tunes.  We gave out a lot of business cards and just had a wonderful time together.

Olive Green Anna will be back for the next Beat Basar that is for sure and hopefully maybe hold a vintage fair here in Heidelberg in the near future!

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Olive Green Anna- Live at Beat Basar
Beat Basar a creative Market happening here in Heidelberg, Germany is on Monday the 13th from 3pm-7pm.  I am so very excited!!!!

I have been preparing a whole lot for it!

I am joining the Naekoenigin at her stand.  We are sharing a space and I am so very excited!

We met today and planned the stall!  hurray for creative cooperation!
If you are in the area you must come and visit!