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Shop Talk: Fashion Show Checklist
My friend Julia from The Modern Vintage Workshop, are planning for a Vintage Fashion night.  It will be much like our Fashion Show in May of 2012 but we are planning to have it at a larger venue this time.  The Halle02, a local creative space, has invited us to do a show there in April. I will let you know more details when they are confirmed. 

I have been thinking about it a whole lot and I decided I needed to create a checklist for the months/weeks leading up to it and for the event itself. 

Months before:
-choose a date for the show
-find and confirm location
-contact models
-Determine a show theme. Vintage
-pick/create pieces to be shown
-check to see if it is possible to hold a rehearsal at the venue
-Arrange committee
      -event producer-make sure everyone knows what to do
      -stylist/wardrobe manager making sure the clothes are ready for they day
      -makeup/hair stylists
      -promotional manage
      -casting manager-organizes rehearsals
      -backstage manager-in charge on the day

Weeks before:
-finalize pieces for the show
-have a fitting with the models
-promote, promote, promote
      -press release
      -posters and flyers
-plan models makeup
-have first rehearsal with music

Days before:
-final promotion
-final dress rehearsal
-prepare the space
     -backstage area
     -decorations, pop up shops for after the show
-final meeting before the show so that everyone is on the same page. 
-organize a photographer. videographer too

To see a great video of our fashion show and my husband playing jazz tunes last May, click here

I am excited to put the plans into motion and to get things finalized.  The fashion show last year was such a highlight of the year.  I can barely wait for this one to happen!


Shop Talk: Plans for the future
I thought today I would share a bit about some of my future plans for Olive Green Vintage.

There are a few things in the near future that I am planning for and hoping will become a reality.  I am hoping to open a Pop Up Shop here in Heidelberg in Spring/Summer 2013.  A Pop-Up Shop is a temporary retail shop.  It could be a few weeks or months.  I am hoping for 2 to 3 months, but it may be that my first pop up shop be just for 10 days or so.  I hope to share the space with a few local designers.

I have decided to work towards a pop-up shop because it will be a great way to try out a shop and see how Heidelberg embraces vintage/ handmade fashions.  I have been wanting to connect with local customers much more, so a local shop seems like a great way to start a buzz about Olive Green Vintage.  I would like to open a more permanent location, but I see the pop up as a way to get my feet wet as a local shop owner, and honestly I don't have enough money to open a shop without incurring more debt. 

Again, I would love to have a more long term shop here in Heidelberg.  But with all my debt, and Dominik's job uncertainty, I just can't plan on it happening in the near future. In five years I am not sure where my shop will be. It could be that we move to Thailand and I sell online out of our home on Koh Phangan. Or it could be that we have a permanent shop here in Heidelberg, that has a lot of regulars.  The future far ahead, is not set in stone.

I have to keep telling myself that plans can change and I can grow, as a person and a business owner.  Sometimes I feel a great pressure to stick with plans and never change.  But my priorities may change and I may want to focus on something else. And sometimes things just don't turn out.  Like last October I was expecting to be able to sell at Beat Basaar and at Auguenschamaus, two local creative markets, and I couldn't sell at either.  I was a big let down and a gap in my expected earnings for 2012, but I just have to accept it and move on.

I guess rolling with the punches is a big part of owning a business.  If things turn out differently, if I don't find any spaces that will rent for short times, or I can't afford the spaces available, I may just have to except that it won't happen this year.  I need to just do as much as I can.  Try to make a lot of online sales to save up for a shop, and then when the right space and the right time come together to bring the community behind me and make the local shop happen.

The moral of the story is that.  I am excited about my business's future.  I am excited about the upcoming pop up shop and excited about the uncertainty of years ahead.   I love owning a business and living a creative life style.  It is very rewarding, though at the moment I am not making the big bucks! haha.

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Do you think it is a good plan to try it out with a Pop-Up Shop or do you think I should go all out and try for a more permanent space?
Shop Talk: What inspired me to start Olive Green Vintage
As I mentioned in my post last week about why I love vintage, I wanted to give vintage clothing a new life by styling it and collecting it in my own wardrobe.

I have always been one who loves the hunt.  I love searching and finding treasures amidst the junk.  It's a rare thing to go thrift shopping and find stellar pieces. Many people really dislike the hunt, they like looking through a well curated shop.

When I first moved to Germany, after marrying my German husband Dominik, I couldn't speak the language.  I thought I would be able to find work. I mean I can speak English fluently. It was pretty ignorant to think that getting a job without any German language skills would be easy. Turns out I needed to be able to speak the native tongue. So, as I studied the language, I decided one night to sell a pair of vintage moccasins online, on They sold within two days. I was shocked. It turned out people might actually buy things I loved.

Though I have only sold 200 items in my shop so far.  I have heard from many of my online customers, local customers, and competitors, that I have good taste and a wonderfully curated shop.

Selling vintage is been such a delighting and rewarding experience. My products have sold at numerous creative markets, been featured on some great blogs, been modeled at a fashion show, and have been bought by many happy customers.

I thoroughly enjoy owning a small business and I plan on keeping it for many years!  I am also excited about some of the upcoming events and secret news I can share with you soon!!!



Shop Talk: Why I love/shop Vintage!
I have always loved vintage. My grandma gave me a pink polka-dot poodle dress when I was 12 years old.  I remember asking her for it and she was surprised that I wanted it.  I mean, it was the 90s, the 50s was most definitely not in! I was so delighted to have a real 50s dress.  I wore it around the house often, I didn't have any chest to actually fill it out.  But I loved imagining my Grandma looking just fabulous in it. 

Vintage clothing tells a story. The story may be known like my Grandma's 50s dress, or it may not be.  But either way it speaks of another time.  Imaging the person that wore it, or the type of person that would, gives the piece of clothing a much different feel than the new mass-produced clothes that are found in stores today.

One great thing about vintage clothing is that it is already there!  Vintage clothing doesn't have to be made, we don't need to waste materials and energy.  It is already here on earth and there is a lot of it.  Instead of these beautiful pieces of clothing being thrown away and filling a landfills we can treasure them and style them daily.  We can give the pieces a new life. 

I want to give handmade and vintage more of a chance in my wardrobe.  It's a bit unsettling thinking and learning more about what conditions clothes are being made in these days.  Everything is made so cheaply it is sad to think about the people who are making them.  Mass-Produced clothing is overtaking the clothing market. We are choosing to buy the cheap clothes, in turn supporting businesses which have poor conditions for their factory workers. Some fair trade clothing designers and handmade fashion designers are creating great clothes in good working conditions and with a good wage.  But they don't have much of a chance against 10Euro dresses from chain stores. 

Vintage is one of a kind. Chain store shoppers cannot say this about their clothing.  I love wearing something that I have never seen in any other store or on any other human.  When buying vintage dresses there is no "Same Dress" fear when going to parties/prom.  I have always been a person that wanted to dress apart from the mainstream. This is one of my favorite things about vintage.  It is one of the aspects that got me turned on to vintage in the first place. 

I forgot to even mention quality.  Many vintage pieces were made in a time when quality trumped quantity, this is not the case any longer.  Many of my new garments last 2 years if I don't wear them frequently.  If I wear them often they are likely to only last 6 months.  Vintage items on the other hand have lasted over 20 years and that speaks often to their quality.  

These are not only reasons "I love Vintage" but also great reasons to buy/inherit vintage clothing.  I would like to encourage you this year to give handmade and vintage clothing a chance in your wardrobe. 

Thank you for reading lovelies.

February Goals.
I have some fun things to accomplish this month.  Here are my main goals I am hoping to achieve.

*make a photo album.
*start writing online course/book
*cook 1 new recipe
*look for and hopefully find a pop-up shop location
*organize models for a fashion show in April

What is one of your goals for this month?

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