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Shop Window: Naftul
Today we are peeking into the etsy shop Naftul out of Tel Aviv, Isreal. I found her clothes on Etsy and just loved them! I was asking a bit about the production of her fashions in her shop and she said, "I produce everything at my studio with a lot of love and care".  I'm so delighted to hear this. Her pieces are lovely. It makes me want to support her even more! 

If you were to buy one of these Naftul looks which one would you choose?

Have a lovely day!


Local Shop Window: Friedrich

There aren't many local fair, sustainable clothing/accessory options in Heidelberg, Germany. Friedrich is one of them. One half of the location is stocked with women's clothing and accessories and the other side of the space is a bar/cafe. 
The shop section has some great ethically made brands and in the back are a few racks of second hand clothing. They have a nice curated selection of mostly casual/ business casual clothing. The clothes are between 50 and 150 Euros which is quite good considering the brands are transparent about their production and more sustainable than many fast fashion brands. They have a good variety of nice basic pieces, as well as some statement items. Being in the shop puts me at ease because, I just know that every brand there is trying to change the way fashion is produced in our world today. 

This photo is from Friedrich's Facebook page. All other photos by me.

The Cafe/Bar space is warm and designy. They have a limited menu, but it has all the essentials and a nice white wine. Staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. It's a great place to go and chat with friends. You can actually hear each other in this bar (two thumbs up from this lady)!

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Local Shop Window: Room Mate
Photo c/o Room Mate, all the rest are my own. 

Today, I'm delighted to share the local, Heidelberg shop called Room Mate. It's a great place to buy fun novelty items and trendy household goods. The shop is owned by a lady named Julia, she curates and sells all these of delightful things. 

If you need a last minute gift, would like to spruce up your apartment, want to be inspired by beautiful things, or just have the desire to support local business, head to Room Mate on the Plöck.  You won't be disappointed.

Just so you know, this post is not sponsored.  I recommend places and businesses that I think are worthwhile to support and give a shout out to!

Have a goose day.

Amsterdam Shop Window: HutSpot
Hutspot was one of the shop / cafes I wanted to visit while in Amsterdam. It is an independent stylish hipster mall. They have a barbershop, a home-wares and clothing shopping section, a cafe and then at night they have a bar.

Photo courtesy of all other photos by me. 

It's a lovely place to peruse around and be inspired.

Hutspot has a lot to offer.  Next time you're in Amsterdam be sure to drop by and get your hair cut, a yummy fresh juice, some new ethically made clothes, or a cocktail at the bar. 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam, where are your favorite places to visit?

Thanks for reading lovelies, have a good day. 



Here are a few of my other favorite spots in Amsterdam. Six & Sons, Restored, Latei.  

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Shop Window: Bartlett

Our trip to the USA ended in one of my home towns, Spokane, Washington. I got to see some beautiful friends there. The other thing I was super excited about experiencing in Spokane was The Bartlett

The Bartlett is a newish music venue owned by our friends Karli and Caleb, we couldn't wait to see/ hear a show at their location and to chill out and rack up a big tab at the bar (which was really hard! I gave out several rounds, had a few beers myself and couldn't even spend 100$). 

If we still lived in Spokane I'm sure I would have to have a category in our budget called Bartlett, because they have such great musicians, lovely drinks, snacks, not to mention the friendly staff.

If you are ever in Spokane,Wa, don't miss a show at the Bartlett, your eyes and ears will thank you.