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SOFA-Fashion Show
I hinted at this wonderful event a few weeks ago but now it is in full swing.  In just over a week I will be joining Julia and my dear husband's Jazz band in a SOFA "Sound & Fashion" Night at action house here in Heidelberg.

 There will be live Jazz, classic cocktails, a fashion show, and stands selling the presenters goods. The fashion show will include my original vintage, Julia's hand sewn from vintage designs, and Julia's new Jewelry line.  There will be both male and female models.  It should be a wonderful time!

If you live in Heidelberg, make sure to mark your calenders for Vintage SOFA on Saturday May 12th!!!


Local Stand: Salon Blanc
I will be participating in a wonderful handmade, vintage market in Frankfurt on May 6th.  It is called Salon Blanc, there are some lovely sellers that will be there. 

To check out who's selling and stay informed visit the website and facebook page!

These two photos above are from last year.  It looks like a splendid space and a lot of fun.

I love selling my vintage in real life and can't wait to experience Salon Blanc. 

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Olive Green Anna stand and Music

A friend of mine Patrick Bischler is playing a show at Action House on Wednesday (April 18th, 2012) and I have the honor of selling my vintage there.  So, If you are in Heidelberg and in need of some good tunes and vintage come and check it out!!!

"Wir mögen Wohnzimmerkonzerte. Das dachte sich Bischler auch, als er seine neue Wohnzimmerkonzerte-Tour plante. Klar, dass der begnadete Songkünstler da auch im Action House auftritt. Bischler setzt sich viel mit der gesellschaftlichen Realität auseinander und dichtet Texte mit ebenso kritischem wie poetischem Potential. Mal solo, mal im Duo, mal begleitet von seiner Band an Klavier, Posaune, Kontrabass und Cajon. Kommt, seht und hört selbst!

Termin: 18. April
Einlass: 20 Uhr
Eintritt: 5 Euro
Plus: Vintage-Mode von Olive Green Anna ME!
Empfohlen: Tickets im VVK "


See you there!!!
I play music in my husband's band.  Here's some of his old tunes.  We are going to be recording in April.  I'm excited because his new songs are so very lovely.   We've had some practices and are playing quite a few shows these days.  It has been lovely to be more involved in his music since living in the same town and all.  (I lived across the seas from him for 5 years, for those of you who are new around here.)

Above are most of the band members apart from drummer:Thomas, singer:Me, and violinist:Elena.  

Just thought I would share a bit of my Love and my recent musical happenings.

Oh and I am playing a show on saturday in Freiburg. I am excited my Dominik is playing with me!   It's a bit strange playing for German audiences, but it's growing on me.  I need to get some german song writing skills.  

If you're in Germany.  Make sure to check dominik's myspace for upcoming dates! 

Thanks for reading.