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Shop Window: Bartlett

Our trip to the USA ended in one of my home towns, Spokane, Washington. I got to see some beautiful friends there. The other thing I was super excited about experiencing in Spokane was The Bartlett

The Bartlett is a newish music venue owned by our friends Karli and Caleb, we couldn't wait to see/ hear a show at their location and to chill out and rack up a big tab at the bar (which was really hard! I gave out several rounds, had a few beers myself and couldn't even spend 100$). 

If we still lived in Spokane I'm sure I would have to have a category in our budget called Bartlett, because they have such great musicians, lovely drinks, snacks, not to mention the friendly staff.

If you are ever in Spokane,Wa, don't miss a show at the Bartlett, your eyes and ears will thank you.

The Bartlett
A gem in the rough...

One of my most favorite people in the whole world and her husband are beginning an incredible journey for the good of Spokane, WA. (one of my old hometowns.)  Spokane used to have this wonderful music venue called the Empyrean which was my home while living in Spokane.  I showed my art there, played shows there and met some of my best friends over a beautiful latte and delicious beer.  After Empyrean's closing, the city is in desperate need of a good music venue.  Karli and Caleb have been dreaming about opening a live music venue for years, and now it is planned and ready to come alive.

But they need our help.

Karli and Caleb Ingersoll are such hard working and creative people.  I cannot wait to visit the Bartlett and one day maybe play a show there.  Dominik just said the other day.  "Do you want to move back to Spokane for a year?"  Oh man.  My heart aches at the thought of it. (in a good way.)

Let's support them. (I know many of you don't even know where Spokane is, but seriously these folks are making the world a better place.)

If you can't monetarily support them please post about their project online or tell your moneybags friends about it.



Create something Everyday!
I should retake this picture it makes her look like she has a tiny head and big feet.. haha

one of the prettiest cans I think.  Probably why it is popular.  

it's been rainy on and off....

I'm leaving my bike very soon.  It has served me so well...Empyrean is a lovely hub also. 

checked my masters degree off of the to do list...

Joel Howard was at empyrean and I drew him thinking about ships and sailing....
It turned out I found out later that he had just gone sailing the weekend before. 

worked on some wedding vows...