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troubles in lives dear to us
Some of our dear friends in Spokane just had a preemie baby with a lot of health issues which are really hard and they are seeing little progress.

Her name is Ella Dortal.  she is beautiful and you can read about her story HERE.

She was born on Nov 10, an emergency C-section and she is slowly showing little bits of improvement.   The story is really making my heart ache for these friends.

Please pray for this family.  They must be aching so much from their new circumstances!

Christa (the mother) played in Dominik's band along with her brother Matt.  They are wonderful musicians and became good friends.    One of the other strange connections is that they lived here in Eppelheim some years ago working, so they both speak german and know this little town of ours.  One other strange coincidence is that Christa's mother Kalaya is Thai and so I was somewhat adopted into their family in my time in spokane, having delicious Thai food and getting a little bit of that lovely language in my ears and mouth.  Kalaya the gramma of this baby also was my lovely florist for the wedding which just was such a blessing and the flowers just suited my aesthetic so much. We really clicked with taste. 

So this family means a whole lot to me and I have been spending a lot of time thinking about them these days.  Please visit their blog and pray or send good thoughts or what every you do!  they need support and love. 

Blog :  Ella Louis Dordal