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Nesting: Garden Makeover Inspiration
1. Shirley Kurata, 2. 3. 4.

I'm hoping that our outdoor spaces will be cozy, comfy and welcoming. These inspirational spaces have nice lighting, inviting seating, rugs, and color. These spaces capture the essence of what I am hoping for!

To see more of my inspiration you can follow my Garden pin-board on

Wish me luck!



Simplistic Summer Style
We're on summer holidays from school!  I love being a teacher and having 6 weeks of summer is such a wonderful bonus. It is a big relief to have all grades in, classroom tidy and packed away, and students home with their families. I only have to care for myself and my husband for the next month. It's a wonderful feeling.

It's time to pack up my bags and head to the good ole USA this summer. I've really been feeling the warmth these past weeks. One thing I am loving in summer are simplistic and light dresses. I have a few but I am going to keep my eyes peeled while in the states for some basic summer dresses.

Here are a few that look just perfect for our US city travels this summer.

NYC, Summer of 1969

White RuffleyShirt Dress

Summer Cyclist. 

What are your go-to summer styling pieces?



The Best Summer

I work at a school and so I have the pleasure of having a long 6 week summer holiday every year.  This year it was non-stop wonderful.  It started with one of my best friends coming to visit and us going to Berlin Fashion Week, then we bummed around Heidelberg enjoying the hot weather. Once she left, Dominik and I traveled to Scotland where I photographed a wedding, and we went camping in the highlands and visited London.  It ended with another best friend from the States, some good family times, and a music festival to top it off.  

Now, I have just finished prep week before school starts on Monday.  I am thrilled to be teaching art to secondary students again.  I have been assisting in Kindergarten and First grade the past few years and I just cannot wait to get back into teaching and studying art. 

So, wish me luck and send good thoughts my way for Monday, it's back to school time. 

Are any changes happening in your life? 

summer lovin
My bones are finally thawing in this lovely change of season. This weather reminds me of my home town in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  It is warm, humid and wonderful!  Perfect for shorts and thai iced tea.   

It really does my soul good to be warm and to bask in the sunlight.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until it got really hot this week. 

The Germans are complaining but I love it!   :)