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Thrifting: 3 Lovely book finds.
 Just a little bit about my Thrifting Treasures this week.  

I scored big time in the book section.  I found three books that I am really loving. 

 I think this one will not be a book for long, the maps are so great.  They need to be art.  Collage.

 This Deutschland book is so lovely.  It will be shredded also.  It has some super wonderful pictures. 

This one is a green album that I found that I think I am going to put all of our film pictures from the wedding in.  I am finally getting around to making a physical album, though the wedding was over 6 months ago.  Oh well. Better late than never.

I didn't have time yesterday to post.  Which was a bit strange.  I have been posting most days for the past few months.  It has been a wonderful thing this blog.

Thanks for reading.