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"Sommer Pause" (summer break: in German)

I know that everyone loves vacation, but I realize that many have very little time to take off.  

This is one thing that Germans really value.  Vacation time.  Most all Germans have at least a month off every year.  They take a few weeks off in summer, a week off at Christmas and maybe a week around easter.  They love vacation and can really set things aside as they take a break.  

I can be somewhat of a Workaholic, much like my mom.  So, I think for folks like us, we need to really set time aside to not do anything. 

It August I took a vacation!  It did me good to get out of the house and spend time just being. 

In addition to taking time off my day job, I didn't work on my shop, and I took a vacation from this blog. That was a challenge because this blog doesn't feel like work to me.  I participated in the August Break.   I stepped away from the little pressures of blogging and just shared visually.  

This vacation and even break from the things I love in my life, really helped me to value them.  The break made me really excited to get back into it.  Back to writing on the blog, back to working on my business.  I am super inspired and ready to get back to work.  

Have you taken a vacation this year?  A break from the pressures of life, even the good ones?
I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences of it.  

Thanks for reading lovelies!

My Birthday!!!
My birthday was a very relaxing day.  We went to a bear and wolf nature park and then hiked to get lunch, beer and cake.

 I did some sketching of the bears.  It was amazing how close we were to them.  They are such beautiful creatures.
Please excuse my tennis shoes and skirt combo.  Yikes.  Again we went hiking.  Hey, it was my birthday.  I could wear what I wanted!  

 of course we had a delicious "Black Forest Cake"  we were after all on the black forest.

Then we relaxed for the evening in our accommodations.

Day 2: Hamburg

So, I just wanted to share the highlight of my day yesterday.

I spent the most wonderful 4 hours in Matilde's a cafe in Hamburg.  I drew, read, sipped delicious wintery hot chocolate, and watched a crime series with other guests there.

It was a wonderful comfy place to just be.  There were books stacked everywhere and a fire place with real wood burning.

What do you think of this lady's fancy hat?  There are a lot of seagulls and ships around here in hamburg so I thought this could be an appropriate hat to wear about town!  

As I said we watched a crime show.  It is on every sunday evening here in Germany it is called Tatort "The place of Death" (correct me if I am wrong German readers.).  So I guess they show it every sunday evening here at Matilde.  It was fun to be around with other people and to enjoy some mystery! 

I fell in love with  this lovely cafe and will surely be back another time this week!

I know it is Halloween.  I am not in the spirit at all... haha Germans don't really do it..

Did you experience anything new today?

Thanks for reading.


Day 1: Hamburg
My first day in Hamburg was wonderful and low key.  I was pooped from my over night bus here.  I slept some, but sleeping sitting is always an uncomfortable experience.

I started the saturday morning off right by heading to a Floh Markt (fleamarket).  It is called "Flohschanze".

 Flohschanze was beautiful and I think I will try to go back next Saturday.   I just love vintage shopping!   There are so many treasures to see!  like this amazing bag above!  What?  Wonderful huh?

Next I headed towards St.Pauli.  I ended up on the famous Reeperbahn Strasse.  But it was 11am so there were only people cleaning up on the streets.  It was pleasantly vacant.  Just a lot of sex shops.  Which seems to be a big market here in Hamburg. 

I left that street and headed more into St.Pauli neighborhood and stumbled upon a wonderful cafe called May.

I sat there an read for some time which was just splendid.

Then went on another walk trying to find the main street, where all the fancy shopping is.  There is one of these in every city.  I found it and photographed some lovely boots...  This may be a photographic collection that has started.

 My hotel is pretty fine.  It has a stunning stair case.  Check this baby out!

Old buildings have so much character.

As I have said in a few posts now I am all on my own on this trip.  I have ventured off with out my best friend by my side.  I miss him and wish that we could share all these experiences. 

I love traveling and seeing new places but I am also longing for the familiar. 

Thank you for reading.

"Bis Bald"   (till soon)


Have you ever strongly longed for the familiar? Maybe needing a comfort food?