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Wild vs. Influence

We can control and loose control. We choose and let happen. We give and take. It's always a balance. It's not that one overpowers the other. But the other gives from time to time. Life is a balance. Is that a ying or yang, a god or a man, a child and an adult. And everything in between. The imbalance and balance the same. independent of time. We can have both incredibly tormented and a very rich lives.

It's like giving birth. Every surge and push, pushes the little babe to the next level. One step further. Then I needed rest. Rest came. The time of rest was not long enough but it came. It was what I needed.

There are things that are out of our control. Like our health, our job situation. Naturally we can influence our surroundings but sometimes we are ultimately out of our control.

Like a good friend leaving, or having to loose a good friend, you've had so many great times with them, in a period that didn't seem long enough. We can be grateful for the time we had with them, and enjoy the moments we have with them at present.

A friend of ours' relative died out of nowhere with a brain aneurysm. She was two year older than me and had had a child. She had no control of that random occurrence. When thinking about how short life could be, I can't help but want to live life now.

Focus on life now and do what feels most me, and best for my family right now.

My art work is this push and pull of materials. It's a meditation of control and letting go. Wild and restraint. When in my studio I am, present and it is meditative. It's a dance of influence and wild.


Thanks for reading and watching lovelies!