December 24th, Maispace Exhibition, Art opening

I'm hanging my show this week. And I'm super nervous! 

I have a number of new works that have never been shown. They are a few pieces I started in Germany, and finished in Thailand. The others are works that I have made in the last month here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have been participating in their residency program here when there is space to sleep, as well as make and show work. I haven't been sleeping here, because I have family here, but I have been making. Maispace has been a great space to work in and Golf, the artist who is running it, has been a wonderful host.

I cannot wait to show this collection of work in a group-show with other international artists.

Come and see the show @maispace this sunday, Christmas Eve.

  • 24 December
  • Soft-Opening
  • Exhibition
  • Art, Music, food, drink beginning at 6pm
  • @maispace

thanks for reading lovelies! See you soon. I'll probably go live on instagram for a while at my show opening. If you're far away and would like to be here.

loving greetings,


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