Large Scale Art

Back in June I sold most of my tiny scale paintings in my instagram sale. I earned enough to buy some large scale materials to paint BIG!


I have always desired to work on a large scale. Ever since studying art history and falling in love with the abstract expressionists I knew I wanted to work big some time in life. Just writing this is scary because I am admitting it to myself too again. This has been a very strong desire. This is a desire that brings up quite a bit of artist fear inner dialogue. My work isn't good enough to be huge scale. How can I even compare myself to the great abstract expressionists, who have gone before me? Big work is for BIG artists. What I have to say isn't that important. Painting big will cost too much for the materials.

I'm done with this negative self talk. It's just not true. I am beginning to believe in myself as an artist.  My work is good. The early abstract expressionists didn't know what they were doing, on the daily basis I'm sure. They tried out new things in the studio all the time. I have to make work. Only I can make this artwork. When in the studio I feel like my truest self.

2 x 2 meters is the biggest I've ever worked. I have made a number of 1 x 1 meter paintings. The first time I ever painted a piece that was 1 x 1 meter, was in Berlin during the artist residency at the Berlin Art Institute. I was super nervous about painting on a canvas that big. Several of them turned out great, they are in my shop, I hope that painting bigger than 2meters will become natural and not as scary as the 1meter pieces are to me now. It's fun to continue to challenge my self, and it is so fun to fulfill a life long dream of painting at such a large scale!

Thanks for reading lovelies.



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