Take Time to Make


Dominik and I are giving our art a chance and taking time to make. Spending time and giving attention to Vigo is our main priority. However, making art is the other reason we are taking so much time away from a steady, cushy paycheck. YOLO (You Only Live Once) has really been setting in. I mean honestly life is short. I'm already a third way through life and I am currently healthy and fit. I want to make the most of this time we are given to live. Especially now while we are young and fit rather than waiting to do what we want to do most when we are old in retirment. Teaching is great, but living on the road, spending time with family, and making art is way better, at least for us now.

Vigo and the german government have gifted us about 500€ a month for the next 2 years, not enough to live on, but a decent supplementation to our income to help us survive this time. I am so incredibly grateful that the german goverment values family and child rearing this way. It has made it possible for us to choose time and adjust our budget and live more simply. The past 3 months, since Vigo joined our family and I've recovered from birth and, we've been living on the road having so much quality time and making art. I I feel much more calm and focused. I feel so much more intentional and present. 

I feel so good. 

Being back in Heidelberg, Germany is great too! We are here for the next 5 months, making and presenting our art and spending quality time with Vigo and with friends.

Dominik and I are splitting up our week into art days and Vigo days. I have three days a week to make and sell my art, and three days of quality time with Vigo. Dominik in turn has three days of quality time with Vigo and then three days of work and shows. Naturally we will be flexible if we have to switch things up sometimes, but having this schedule really allows us to concentrate and work, but also to concentrate and spend time with Vigo when he is our priority.

This may not be how it always will be but we are thriving in these times of making and honored by those of you who are making this possible by buying my artbuying records and booking Dominik and his bands for shows.

Thanks for reading lovelies.


Anna BaerComment