Becoming unblocked.

I can feel it. I am becoming unblocked. I have never created this consistently and have never nurtured my artist like I am these days. I am changing and taking risks. I am selling my work and putting myself out there and it is hard. It's hard to declare that my work is good and that it is worth buying. It's strange and feels selfish to prioritize my artwork and studio time.


Dom came into the studio the other evening and said. "It's happening.  You're unblocking and living your art right now."

I really feel as if I am letting my true self live. I am an artist and being able to make and prioritize my making is an incredible freedom. I honestly feel as if I am blossoming. Haha. I don't really know any other way to desribe it. I really have never felt more me, ever!

When do you feel most like yourself? Or feel like you are at the right place and doing the best thing?

Thanks for reading lovelies!



Anna BaerComment