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Shop Window/Artist Feature: Andrew Wakefield
I have been wanting to share this shop window/artist feature with you for a long time. My good friend Andy is an incredible artist. He studied printmaking among other things in college and then we both met getting our masters in teaching. Since getting a masters, he has taught here and there, but kept creating and selling amazing work.

He creates large scale collage pieces using old scraps and images. He builds up semi transparent layers using image transfer. It's beautiful stuff.

Here are a few pieces which are on his site.

It's a tease isn't it!

To see and buy Andy's work check out his Etsy Shop , pieces are starting at 37 $.  That's a steal!
Or you could check out his website at or
follow him on instagram at 

Thanks for creating beautiful things out of old trash Andy, you're an inspiration.

Thanks for reading lovelies.