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Fixed and Dilated-Blog about Bikes Beer and much more
The lovely lady over at Fixed an Dilated, a blog about bikes and beer, posted some of my bike photos on there.  It's a pretty sweet space.  I like what they are starting.

They are celebrating the bike and beer culture of the North West.  They only started about a month ago, but have made a lovely little space to explore such wonderful subjects. 

If you live in the north-west USA, or anywhere in the world and love bikes and beer you should most definitely check out, and participate with, their lovely new blog. 

The blog is based out of Tacoma, WA.  Pretty fun things they are starting.

Thanks Fixed and Dilated! 
Thanks Elizabeth.

The weather was so lovely again here.  Cold but sunny.  Riding home from German was a delight.  I need to oil my chain there are some signs of rust.  I need to take care of my lovely bike better!

thanks for reading.