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DIY Cocktail: Milk Mender
I don't drink much milk, which is not good, because a woman like me needs to stock up on calcium!!! So, I've found the solution.  Mix a cocktail. 

This is a pretty sweet cocktail, if you like chocolate milk or soymilk you will like this!  The 43 has a sweet vanilla-y taste to it.  The vodka just adds a kick.

-1 shot (40cl) vodka
-1 shot (40cl) 43
-1 cup (0.25 liters) milk
-4ish cubes of ice

This cocktail looks just like a glass or milk.  So if you need to encourage your kids to drink a glass of milk by drinking a glass along with them, wink wink, they wouldn't be the wiser.  

P.S Dominik really likes it too, see. 

DIY: Doily Table Runner
As you all know I am a collector of beautiful things.  One collection I have been acquiring is one of beautiful doilies.  Well, I don't have enough little spot for all of them so I thought I could sew them together to make a table runner.

What you'll need:
-a sewing machine

1. set out your doilies in the order, you want them.
2. tape, pin the doilies together.

3. Sew the overlapping parts together. I sewed right over the tape. 

4. Listen to interesting podcasts like After the Jump or Smart Passive Income

5. Remove tape and pins. The tape that was sewn over will take a bit of time to get off but it comes off easily.

This whole project took me about half an hour!

It was well worth it for the beautiful results.

Have you created anything fun these days? leave a comment or a link.

DIY: mini flag bunting
Having time off from my day job last week gave me a real desire to create some things with my hands. 

I have been collecting a lot of cloth scraps from the skirts I have altered in my shop.  So, I have been trying to come up with ideas of what to create out of them. 

Our pantry needed some sprucing up so I decided to make a festive circus bunting for our open shelved pantry.  

Supplies needed: 
-cloth scraps
-twine or string
-sewing machine, or by hand. 

First cut your pieces of cloth into the shape you would like. Use a finished one as a pattern for the others.

Second iron a tab down so that it can be easily sewn.

sew the tab over.

And thread the flag on to the twine.
There you have it.  A festive pantry indeed!



Do you have any other suggestions for what to do with long narrow strips of cloth, from shortening skirts?  I'd love some other suggestions. 

my office space.
I finally got around to tidying my workspace.  This week, it was one of the priorities on my To-Do List. Oh My, it feels good to have checked it off. I set the timer for 30 minutes and almost made it in time, just five minutes over! haha.  Before it looked a bit like this.

Now it looks and feels much better!

 I have my items hanging that I need to measure and post, all my shipping materials, water, business/blog planning materials, and art supplies.  Plus I have an ever growing wall collage of inspiration and memories.  I want to feel at home and inspired in this place.

 But It is also important to have the wall in front of me mostly blank because, as I list items in my shop and blog, it is important to stay on task.

What is important to you when it comes to work/office space?

I'd love to see yours if you have photos of it!

Have a good one.