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Fashion Show: Anne Gorke
When traveling to Berlin, I was most excited about Anne Gorke's fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Her collection was called Artichoke.  Here are a few impressions of it.  

The green in her collection is very much like my favorite color!  :) 

This coat is a great cut, and I am a big fan of her styling.  The braids and the footwear were a nice match for the clothes.

After the show we had the pleasure of attending the party at a design firm in Berlin Mitte.  We could look at the collection up close and it was just wonderful.  Such great material and color palette.  The materials Anne used were lush and lovely to touch.

  It was great to have a chance to chat with Ms. Gorke and her friends and acquaintances.  You could really tell that her partner and friends were very involved and a great support to Anne.

 Naturally as a snack the caterers served artichokes.

Thank you Anne Gorke for creating and presenting such an inspiring and admirable collection. And thank you for the invitation to the show and the after party.



P.S.  I'm just waiting until the collection is being produced then I'm going to save up and buy a piece so I can have a Gorke. 

Berlin: Kreuzberg

As I said yesterday, my good friend Patricia and I ventured to Berlin for fashion week this summer.  We stayed in the Hipster neighborhood called Kreuzberg. We stayed at Tina's place from AirBnb.

 Kreuzberg is a wonderful place filled with texture and party.  We're not much of the partiers, but we did enjoy the occasional beverage at the many delightful hole in the wall bars in Kreuzberg.

If you're ever planning on visiting Berlin, let me know.  I love it and can recommend a few places.

One I'll share later this week.

Shop Talk: Fashion Show Checklist
My friend Julia from The Modern Vintage Workshop, are planning for a Vintage Fashion night.  It will be much like our Fashion Show in May of 2012 but we are planning to have it at a larger venue this time.  The Halle02, a local creative space, has invited us to do a show there in April. I will let you know more details when they are confirmed. 

I have been thinking about it a whole lot and I decided I needed to create a checklist for the months/weeks leading up to it and for the event itself. 

Months before:
-choose a date for the show
-find and confirm location
-contact models
-Determine a show theme. Vintage
-pick/create pieces to be shown
-check to see if it is possible to hold a rehearsal at the venue
-Arrange committee
      -event producer-make sure everyone knows what to do
      -stylist/wardrobe manager making sure the clothes are ready for they day
      -makeup/hair stylists
      -promotional manage
      -casting manager-organizes rehearsals
      -backstage manager-in charge on the day

Weeks before:
-finalize pieces for the show
-have a fitting with the models
-promote, promote, promote
      -press release
      -posters and flyers
-plan models makeup
-have first rehearsal with music

Days before:
-final promotion
-final dress rehearsal
-prepare the space
     -backstage area
     -decorations, pop up shops for after the show
-final meeting before the show so that everyone is on the same page. 
-organize a photographer. videographer too

To see a great video of our fashion show and my husband playing jazz tunes last May, click here

I am excited to put the plans into motion and to get things finalized.  The fashion show last year was such a highlight of the year.  I can barely wait for this one to happen!


Fantastic Fashion Show
Steven Tai caught my eye at Capsule the fashion showroom.  I asked him about his work and he told me the story of this nerdy woman.  His work is incredibly detailed and fascinating.  They were fantastic to touch.  The multiple layers and interesting silhouettes kept me intrigued and inspired.

Steven then invited me to his show the following day.  I gladly accepted and here are some of my favorite looks in the show.

 To see a video about this wicked tunic click here.

As you can see in this final look he used hundreds of layers of this fantastic thick raw cotton.  It is gorgeous to look at and to feel.

The show was great.  It was an honor to be there.  It was my first ever fashion show at fashion week.  I had a blast!

Thank you Steven for such a fantastic show and for creating such inspiring work!

Thanks for reading, lovelies.

Capsule Berlin 2012
While I was in berlin I was able to attend some great fashion events.  It was fashion week and I attended Capsule a showroom exhibiting fantastic contemporary streetwear designers' work.

Many of the pieces there were Spring Summer collections for 2013.  So, I couldn't photograph them, however they are definitely something to look forward to.

There was a fantastic mix of work, some crazies and some for the common.  Here are a few of the labels that really caught my eye.

Steven Tai: 

 Franks swimwear: Those green ones were fantastic!

 Oddities Clothing and the illustration work by Susie Wright.

 Gram:  I think these shoes might have been the favorite thing I saw all day!

 Shwood eyewear

Bergnerschmidt:  jewelry made out of concrete.  photo from website
A Kind of Guisephoto from website

I was incredibly inspired by the whole show and could not wait to share it with you.

These folks are living their dreams and creating fantastic work.

Thank you all of you who showed at Capsule in Berlin this year.

Thank you lovelies for reading.


Sound und Fashion #3.
 Here are some shots from our Vintage Sound and Fashion Night at Action House. I presented seven vintage looks,  five ladies and two men.  My models did a wonderful job presenting the outfits, we drank delicious classic cocktails and enjoyed my husband's jazz band Whiskey Mafia.   Julia showed her handmade clothes made from vintage patterns and inspired by vintage.  Luckily my talented friend Mulu took some photos as I enjoyed the show. 

And here are a few of Julia's summer looks.   

More photos in color tomorrow.....

SOFA-Fashion Show Preparation (photo heavy)
Exactly one week ago, was my very first fashion show along with the lovely Julia Sentman "Naehkoenigin".  It was Vintage themed with original vintage from me Olive Green Anna and hand-sewn fashion from vintage patterns by Julia.  I showed 7 looks and Julia showed 2 sets of 6.  The location was on the roof top at Action House, it was magical. Dominik played tunes with his jazz combo called Whiskey Mafia.  It was a wonderful time.  Definitely the highlight of my business year so far!

I wanted to show a bit of the behind the scenes of our Fashion Show.  It was a lot of hard work, but well worth it! 

There was much to be done before the guests arrived. 

The little things like:   ironing, booklet folding, runway building, lighting, walk practicing, makeup, hair, decorations, bar set up, Pop-Up shop set up.

The one thing I forgot to prepare was to ask for someone to take photos of the event.  All of these above were taken by me before guests arrived.

I was able to give my camera to a good friend who is  a great photographer however my battery then died half way through.  Whoops.  Fail. 

I'll share some of the photos he was able to capture in the next days. 

If any of you have any photos from the evening, I would love to get a hold of more!

Thanks a bunch.